Popin’ Cookin’ : Let’s make some sushi!

This is my last entry for our summer trip to California last May (finally).  It took me almost an entire year to blog about everything we did, partly because our schedule was packed with so many activities, but mostly because I don’t have that much free time these days.  Still, it’s an improvement from last year where we were already back in California and I was still posting entries about our trip from the year before.

Ezra and I bought this Poppin Cooking kit from Little Tokyo when we went grocery shopping there.  We love watching RRCherryPie’s videos on YouTube when he/she makes these kits because everything looks adorable. It always seems so easy when he/she does it, but when other people try it they say it’s a lot harder than it looks. So when we found this, we decided to pick up one and see for ourselves.



The instructions are in Japanese but the illustrations make it pretty easy to follow along

I took pictures of the process, but they mysteriously disappeared from my phone.  I gave Kurt copies of the pictures of the final product so he can use it in his videos, so thankfully he was able to send me those.  As for the process, the best I can do is show you some screencaps from Kurt’s video:


The kit comes with 6 foil packets, a black gummy thing (the “seaweed”), a dropper and a tiny spoon for mixing


It also comes with this white plastic container where you’re supposed to make the “rice”, “tuna”, “tamago” and “salmon roe”


Ezra was mesmerized by how the salmon roe is made (it’s my favorite part too :D)


Shaping the “seeweed” using the template on the wrapper


We had a difficult time putting the tamago and tuna on the rice. By the time we were done, our hands were a sticky mess

Here’s the final product:



 Not too shabby eh?  It looks much better in pictures than in real life.  It really was a lot harder than we expected, but we’re still pretty happy with the results.

The verdict : Making the candies look as appealing and adorable as RRCherryPie’s require a level of skill which Ezra and I obviously don’t have.  But we did have a lot of fun and we’re probably going to be doing something like this again when we get the chance.

If you’re interested, you can watch Kurt’s video of the whole process here:

If you want to see RRCherryPie’s version on YouTube, click HERE.


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