INSTABITS : April 2015

Another month gone, another Instabits entry.

Started the month off with a date with Ckloy at Bonitos (and Palaisdaan the next day)


Cocina recently started offering ramen on their menu so my officemates and I had some one afternoon.  (grabbed from @dustinlab)

I got my first 5-star summon from a mystic scroll in Summoners War this month – a Wind Death Knight. Technically Death Knights are natural 4-stars but he came awakened. He’s not too bad I suppose (the Fire Death Knights are better). I’m still hoping for a natural 5-star summon though. (I also evolved my first 6-star monster this month, but forgot to post about it. Yay Ramagos!)

Camille had some free time this month so she would occasionally drop by the office to visit me.  She’s never tried Seoul Kitchen before so I took her there for dinner during one of her visits.

Aprille turned 30 last month, and she an amazing garden party to celebrate it.  I had a lot of fun (despite the fact that I took a nasty fall as soon as I got out of the car and Ezra, Camille and I had to spend the first 15 minutes of the party cleaning up my bloody knee in the bathroom).

We had fun taking pictures with the blue and white canopy at Aprille’s garden.  I even used it as a backdrop for my 14th self portrait this year.

Camille and I baked some peanut butter oatmeal cookie bars last month, and I brought some with me to share the office.  Dustin and Sir Marvs loved them so much that they requested we bake another batch as soon as they were gone.  They’ve been asking me to teach them how to bake for some time now, so I’m glad we were able to have this impromptu baking session 🙂

I posted this old photo of Ezra and me on Facebook for her birthday.  This is one of my parent’s favorite photos of us for some reason.

To celebrate her birthday, Ezra requested that we go to Festival Mall so we could go shopping and have lunch at the Superbowl of China.  We also bought her favorite Tous Les Jour’s Strawberry Inspiration cake (which I used as a prop in my 15th self portrait this year).

Kurt celebrated his birthday a day after Ezra’s, so I posted this on Facebook as well.  According to him, he always looks angry, annoyed or perplexed in the behind-the-scenes photos we take whenever we go on a video shoot.  I gotta say I agree XD

Dustin, Sir Marvs and I had a second baking session at our house a week after the first one. Originally we scheduled this because Sir Taps was jealous that we didn’t include him in the first one.  But in the end Sir Taps couldn’t make it so it was just the three of us again.  We baked some red velvet brownies and made a mango ref cake.  My mom invited them to stay for dinner and cooked some yummy Burmese noodles for us.

DLVA and MUH in action.  Swirl swirl swirl.

Our family went to Megamall on the 25th so Ezra and I could drop by the Ozine Fest.  After a bit of shopping, we refueled at Bubble Tea.

Poppin’ Cookin’ sushi 🙂  Ezra and I made them last summer. I posted an entry about it HERE (along with the video that Kurt took of us while we were making them.

To wrap up this entry, here are the books read in April. (Please excuse my little typo.  It’s supposed to say April 2015)

1. Bang (E. K. Blair)
2. The Boyfriend Thief (Shana Norris)
3. Breakable (Tammara Webber)
4. #Nerd (Cambria Hebert)
5. Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell)
6. Catching Jordan (Miranda Kenneally)
7. Saving June (Hannah Harrington)
8. The Marriage Bargain (Jennifer Probst)
9. Debt (Nina Jones)
(Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy any of these books that much.  If I had to choose a favorite I’d probably go with Breakable, but only because I loved Easy so much and this is just the same story told in another POV.)

Things are getting pretty busy at work because we only have a few more weeks left in the semester.  I’ve been falling behind on blogging and my 52-week project since I don’t have that much energy these days.  I’ve been spending most of my free time in bed watching youtube videos or reading.  Hopefully once the semester is over I’ll have some time to spare for my hobbies again.


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