VLOGS : Off to Boracay!

I’ve been slacking off on blogging again lately.  There have been too many things on my mind this past month.  But now that I’m starting to adjust to the changes that have been made, I figured it was time to revive this blog (and my 52-week project).

To kick things off, here are two videos I made of our trip to Boracay last summer.  It’s almost been a year since then but I wanted to get all our US2014 blog entries out of the way first, which is why it took so long.  The videos below mostly show vlog footage of us heading to Boracay from Manila.  It doesn’t really contain that many beach activities yet – I decided to compile those into a separate video.

This first one is the shorter version, which mostly shows the highlights of our day:

And this second one is basically the same thing except it’s much longer because I didn’t cut the footage as much.  I actually made this for family viewing, but decided to share it here on my blog as well:

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since this trip because it still seems so fresh in my mind.  But at the same time, so many things have happened since then.  I’m glad that Ezra and I have decided to start vlogging our trips now. This way we’ll always be able to look back on them in the future and remember all the happy times 🙂


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