Face masks overload – Japan + Korea haul

Hi guys!  Our family just got back from a 9-day trip to Japan/Korea and I figured it would be fun to showcase some of the things I bought while I was there.  We didn’t really have that much time to go shopping since we were on a ship most of the time (Princess Cruises FTW!), but we still managed to hit up a few stores during our stay there (mostly during our first two days since we didn’t board the ship until the 2nd day).

First, here are some of the snacks that I had left after our trip:IMG_5855

Ezra and I had a lot of fun raiding Japanese convenience stores and 100-yen shops for various sweets.  Japanese candy is the best! I bought most of my pasalubong from there as well.  Unfortunately, this is all I had left by the end of our trip because Ezra and I ate most of them (and gave some away).  I wish I took a picture of the strawberry mochi waffle that Ezra and I loved, but you’ll probably see us eating it in a vlog when I get around to editing it – maybe next year? Eek! (Edit : I posted the vlog at the end of THIS BLOG ENTRY.)


I also bought some green tea powder – at least that’s what I think these are since I can’t read Japanese.  I’m pretty sure the one on the right is instant green milk tea, and the one on the left says “Macha Cappuccino”, but I’m not really  sure about the one in the middle.

I wasn’t planning on buying beauty products during this trip, but Ezra and I found ourselves inside a HUGE beauty store in Harajuku and I just couldn’t help myself.


Despite only having about $10 with me that day (since I really wasn’t planning on spending a lot), I ended up with these three items from Canmake (I had to borrow money from Ezra to pay for them).  I picked up a powder foundation, a lipstick and a highlighting powder.  I haven’t tried any of them yet but I hope they’re good.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Canmake.


These were a little cheaper since I got them from Daiso.  I bought a blush and highlight duo, an eyebrow pencil, some face blotting paper and a makeup brush cleaner. I’ve tried the blush and highlight duo and it’s alright. It’s not that pigmented, but what do you expect for 100 yen. (I actually like the subtle glow and color it gives – I don’t normally wear blush but I wanted to give it a try.)


I also bought two packs of makeup remover wipes from Daiso.  Initially I only bought the one at the top, because I ran out of cotton balls which I use to remove my makeup at night, and I didn’t pack my cleansing cream, so I used these instead.  They suck at removing waterproof eyeliner and mascara, but they’re alright for taking off your foundation.

This was a random purchase from Nagasaki:

An adorable pink umbrella!  It’s small enough that I was able to fit it in my luggage 😀


Look at the print on it! So cute!~  I used this as soon as I bought it because it rained during the first few days of our cruise.


Ezra and I also bought a few of these stockings in Shibuya.  They’re full pantyhose stockings but they look like black thigh-high socks because the upper portion is sheer.  I love the look of thigh-high socks but I hate wearing them because the garter cuts off my blood circulation, plus they give me muffin-top thighs.  These stockings are the perfect solution 😀

The following photos show you where most of my money went – face masks!  Ever since Brinks introduced me to these, I’ve been obsessed. Most of them are really cheap, and I like using them to treat myself at the end of a really stressful day.

I got these from the huge beauty shop where I also bought the Canmake products.  The ones on the bottom were only 100 yen each, but the ones on the top were a little pricier. (The pink one contains 3 sheet masks and the other two are a bit more novel since they have a face printed on to them, tee hee.)

I bought all these other masks at the Gwangbok Shopping Street in Korea:


These are mask sets – they contain about 5-8 masks each


These were all about a dollar each, except for the panda mask, which was about $2 (because it has a panda’s face printed on it).


These are from Etude House.  I know that I can get them easily here in the Philippines but they were a little cheaper over there and we were already in the area, so why not.  The rice mask is my favorite!


I also bought this AC Clinic Intense kit since I started breaking out while we were there (it happens all the time when we travel).  I’ve been using it for almost a week now and the pink powder spot treatment’s really good for drying out pimples.  The pink powder water is not really that amazing, but these came together when I bought them.

That ends my Japan/Korea haul.  As mentioned earlier, we didn’t get that much chance to go shopping since we were on the ship most of the time.  Occasionally we would finish our tour early and have some free time to look inside some stores, but we were more excited about trying different foods and experiencing the culture 🙂


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