Thailand 2014 : Siam Ocean World

As usual, this entry is going up pretty late.  These pictures were taken when our family went to Bangkok for the holidays last December.  Just like in 2013, we chose to fly on Christmas Day because plane tickets are cheaper for some reason.


This time Amie came with us, yaaaaay!

We spotted these pretty flowers at the airport and stopped to take pictures

Our parents booked the same hotel we stayed at last year

It was Christmas day, so of course there was a huge tree in the hotel lobby


View from our room

IMG_9069a (3)

The next day we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the buffet room.  We walked around a bit after eating, and stopped by the koi pond to see the fish

IMG_9069a (4)

We also took some pictures by the pool area
IMG_9069a (5)


Afterwards, we went to Siam Paragon to explore Ocean World since we weren’t able to do that last year

First we said hi to the Harrods bears


Then we headed to the aquarium entranceIMG_9115 (1)

They were having some sort of penguin exhibit that day

IMG_9117a (3)

IMG_9117a (1)

Ezra found Nemo!

The exhibits outside the aquarium were the same as last year’s, but they were covered in snow this year

IMG_9117a (14)


Amie was bitten by a fish

The tickets we bought included a short 3D movie and a glass bottom boat rideIMG_9162

IMG_9174a (1)

IMG_9174a (4)

The ride was pretty short, but we saw lots of sharks

We also found this room with a glass floor, which had the shark tank underneath

Amie was terrified at first, but we convinced her to sit at the edge of the glass for a picture


We also stopped by the rainforest exhibit where we saw lots of these tiny colorful frogsIMG_9214a (1)

IMG_9214a (2)

IMG_9231a (2)

Ezra was thrilled to see this huge arapaima

We found a touch pool and stopped to play for a bit

IMG_9237a (2)

Amie petting a starfish

IMG_9237a (1)

Ezra thought these shark eggs were interesting

We also said hi to some some adult sharks:



And we found this huge tank with all sorts of colorful fish.  It was very soothing to sit there and just watch them swim




We caught a couple of feeding shows while we were there:IMG_9284a (2)

IMG_9284a (3)

We especially enjoyed the shark feeding.  I never thought sharks could be so cute and playful.

After we were done with the aquarium, we decided to walk back to our hotel.  We passed by Central World on the way, where they had these huge Christmas exhibits:IMG_9328

Snoopy seemed to be the main theme that yearIMG_9342



So many Snoopies!


We grabbed some dinner after this and went out to explore the night market later that evening 🙂

If you’re interested, I posted a vlog of our day at the aquarium, which you can watch HERE. Ezra and I have really been enjoying vlogging our trips lately, so we took lots of footage this day.


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