INSTABITS : June 2015

This month’s Instabits entry is almost 2 weeks late because I didn’t realize that it was already July until a few days ago.  This happens a lot when I go on vacation.

My first post for June were these two selfies I took using Amie’s phone.  (I like stealing my friends’s phones and spamming them with pictures of my face.)  You might notice that my hair looks a little lighter here compared to how it did the previous month.  That’s because I dyed it brown a few days earlier.  Unfortunately, because I dyed my hair black last year, the brown dye only showed up on the fresh hair near my scalp.  (I didn’t know black dye was so hard to get rid of.)  I ended up with some sort of reverse ombre style, which I didn’t like at all.  I tried to make the best of it, but I couldn’t stand how I looked so I switched back to black again two weeks later.

Since Ezra didn’t have anything to do at home and she wanted to escape the heat, she would usually tag along with me to the office.  Sometimes I would ask her to help me out with some tasks – such as shredding my old documents (which she enjoyed a lot)

When Ezra gets bored, I let her play with my hair (which I enjoy because it’s like getting a head massage).  She came up with a bunch of interesting hairstyles for me that week.

She likes putting these Pucca buns on me.  Normally I wouldn’t let her because I’d be worried that my students might walk in and think I’m crazy, but since finals week was over there weren’t a lot of students left on campus.

But a student did walk in to ask about her grade while I looked like this, eek

Some of my officemates came over last month for a quick baking session to help us unwind after the deadline of submission of grades.

This is my new favorite drink.  I asked the girl at the counter to recommend something without caffeine and this is what she suggested. I’m glad I listened to her.

Raffy being a hardcore gamer and playing three three Summoners War battles at once, lol.  (He has two accounts and I sometimes ask him to babysit mine XD)

I posted this photo of my dad, Ezra and me for Father’s Day.  This was taken when our cruise took us to Shimizu.

We’re spending our summer vacation at my aunt’s house in Los Angeles.  My body clock is very confused because I’m used to seeing dark skies by 6pm, but here darkness comes much later than that.  This was a picture I took from my aunt’s window at around 8pm.

Giant strawberry sundae from Costco. Nomnomnom.

Random summery selfie before we headed out for my Dad’s birthday lunch

My aunt and uncle took us to have lunch at Lucille’s where Ezra and I shared the Paul’s Pub burger.  It was really good, and their in-house steak sauce tasted a lot like the TGIFriday’s Jack Daniels sauce.  Yummm~

Overall, I’d say June was a pretty good month for me.  It was a little stressful in the beginning because we had the deadline of our students’ grades to worry about.  I also experienced having to present my first change of grade at the CAS faculty meeting this semester (it was nerve wracking but it ended well).  And I got sick this month.  But a lot of good things happened as well, such as the start of our summer vacation, having my aunt visit us from California, hosting a Father’s Day party with our friends and family at home, and being reunited/reconnected with an old friend who I thought I lost years ago 🙂


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