New blog layout : Adelle

After two years, I decided to update my blog layout again.  I really liked my old one, but the space allotted for the actual text was way too small.  I never noticed it before when I was using my Sony Vaio laptop, but ever since I upgraded to my Dell laptop (which has a much larger screen and resolution), you can really see how much space is being wasted:


Notice how most of the screen is occupied by just my background.  The space where the blog entry actually goes is only about a quarter of the width of the screen (since I have a sidebar).

But like I said, I didn’t have that issue when I was using my old laptop.  I posted this screencap back in November 2013 when I first started using my old blog layout:

This is what my blog looked like when I was using my old laptop. The text occupied most of the screen and the background was only there to add some color to the site.

I still like my blog’s old look, but I figured it was time for a change.  What really pushed me to update my layout was that I couldn’t post photos with a width greater than 500px because the space for my entries was too small. I normally don’t like posting large images on my blog anyway, but with this new laptop the photos look minuscule!  I wanted a theme that would allow me to post larger photos when I want, so I spent a huge chunk of today digging through WordPress themes, trying to find one that would make me happy.  There are a lot of good ones out there, but I was limited to the free ones since I don’t want to have to spend money on my blog.  In the end I chose Adelle for its simplicity.  I really liked the pink and peach dots in its header, but I decided that I wanted it all over the page and not just at the top so I made a background based on it:

new blog layout

Ta-dah!  My new blog layout.  There is still a lot of empty space on the sides, but the area where my entries go is a bit larger compared to my old theme.  My blog looks pretty much the same as before except I removed my header.  And I updated my photo at the very top.

When I view my blog using my old laptop, this is what it looks like:

carmi blog layout vaio

Not too bad. I tried making a static background but I got frustrated with it after a while.  I have a very limited background in CSS and HTML so most of the time I rely on trial and error T__T


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