Ezra’s and Kurt’s Pre-wedding Photo/Video Shoot (Crosswinds Resort, Tagaytay)

Back in January, Kurt visited the Philippines so that he and Ezra could have a photo/video shoot to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Back then they didn’t have a specific date for their wedding yet,  they only knew that they were getting married this year. They also knew that it was going to be a civil wedding at a courthouse, which meant that it was going to be a very low-key and quick event. Since they couldn’t have a big, fancy wedding, they decided to have this shoot instead.  (Plus, Ezra really wanted to wear a big, fluffy white dress and this was the perfect opportunity). 

My parents made arrangements with Crosswinds Resort in Tagaytay so we could have our shoot there. Our family has stayed there twice before (blog entry HERE), and we’ve always thought that the place was beautiful. The only downside was that it was very difficult to communicate with the resort’s management (they would reply very late, give us incomplete or contradicting information, etc…) My mom was pretty stressed about it up until the morning of the shoot. Fortunately, everything worked out and we had no problems at the resort when we arrived.

Our shoot lasted for two days. We were all extremely tired by the end, but we also felt very accomplished since we managed to finish everything. Kurt was more interested in taking videos instead of photos (which is understandable since he was a film student), so I was only able to shoot in between takes. Most of my photos are of Ezra because I would ask her to pose for me while Kurt made adjustments on his camera. But weddings are mostly about the bride anyway, so I guess that’s normal.

Cyrus also took several pictures that day but I decided to only include the ones I took in this post.


















IMG_1397 IMG_1400 IMG_1402 IMG_1409





We were blessed with good weather on the first day of the shoot, but it rained heavily on our second day. It was already very cold in Tagaytay, and the rain didn’t help at all. We were all shivering and wrapped up in blankets in between takes. It had been raining a lot that week so we were prepared and bought two clear umbrellas with us for the shoot. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to use them, but least they looked nice in photos. And we were lucky they held up during the shoot because the wind was very strong (one of them broke eventually, but thankfully we were done with the shoot by that time, phew~).

As mentioned earlier, this was primarily a video shoot. Kurt took lots of incredible footage (with Cyrus’s and Jan Jan’s help of course) and made two amazing videos which you can watch below. The first one is more mellow and serious, while the second one is a bit more goofy. He promised to release a BTS video sometime in the future too, so I’m definitely looking forward to that 😀

Of course, this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a bunch of other people:

  • Producers : Mama, Daddy, Papa Steve
  • Co-photographers/videographers : Kurt (SKDR Films), Cyrus, Jan Jan, Ckloy
  • Wardrobe check and hairstyle : Amie
  • Flowers : Aprille (www.aprillearaguas.com)
  • Moral support : Ate Jo, Kuya Rex, Lola Mors, Lola Ling, &  Zi

This was an incredible experience and I feel very blessed to have been part of it 😀


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