INSTABITS : July 2015

Hello August! July flew by so quickly, probably because there were so many things happening – family reunions, dinners, weddings, etc. This year’s US trip was much more low-key compared to the past years, but there were still plenty of activities to keep us busy.

We started the month by staying at the Welk Resort in San Diego with my cousins and cutie pamangkins. They taught us how to play Uno cards and some kendama tricks.

Kurt got Ezra and me 4-day passes for this year’s Anime Expo. He attends a lot of cosplay events to shoot videos (check out his YouTube here) and this is the first time I got to see him in action. Ezra and I only went for two days though, because we were in San Diego the first day and Ezra wasn’t feeling well on the third day.

Check out the crowd at Anime Expo. And I thought our ToyCon was crowded. Thankfully the venue was HUGE (I probably only saw half of the place), so it wasn’t like the cosplay events here in the Philippines where you barely have room to breathe.

This year’s Anime Expo bag featured Summoners War, yay! They were promoting the game at the event so there were lots of huge banners and even a Com2Us booth.

Quick selfie with Ezra before we left my aunt’s house on the 4th day of the event.

As usual, I let Ezra dress me. I was planning on wearing just one of my everyday dresses, but she wouldn’t let me. Everything I’m wearing is hers (except for the shoes).


My only picture with a cosplayer at Anime Expo was with Lily2silly who was cosplaying Elucia from Summoners War. The lighting in this photo is terrible, but there was a line of people waiting to take pictures of her so I didn’t want to take up a lot of her time by asking her to move someplace with better lighting.

After the event, Kurt took us to Yogurtland to celebrate yaaaaay~

My dad told Ezra and me that he wouldn’t take us to Europe until we learn to travel light and fit everything we need in one backpack. Ezra found the perfect one at Lakewood Mall!

We had lunch one afternoon at Little Tokyo with Ate Maryann. We found this macaron shop there and bought a few for dessert.

Interesting WIFI name at Ezra’s and Kurt’s new apartment. They moved in at the end of July but we dropped by earlier that month so they can leave their deposit and make plans for when to bring their stuff in.

Kurt took us to Food4Less to buy some stuff for the house. The place was huge and packed with food, I wish we had them in the Philippines too. They mostly sell food but we found a few interesting items there too, like these birthday candles. These should be my candles this year. I’m so not ready to turn 30!

Another interesting find at the grocery – beer mix cups! I don’t drink beer (or soda) but if I did I would definitely give these a try.

You want chicharon? I’ll give you chicharon! Hello cholesterol! (Some of the pieces were bigger than my head!)

Found these at Food4Less as well. They’re called tomatillos and it was my first time seeing one (or even hearing about them).  They look like the lovechild of onions and tomatoes. (The one on the right is tomatillo with the husk removed)

As you may know, Ezra and Kurt got married last month. I wrote a blog entry about it HERE, and posted their pre-wedding photos and videos HERE. Congratulations guys!

After Ezra’s and Kurt’s wedding, we wanted them to have some time for themselves so my parents and I stayed with my uncle for a while. My favorite part when staying at his house is definitely his steaks! He’s a great cook, and his steaks are out of this world 😀

Kurt and Ezra needed furniture for their new apartment so we went to Ikea to help them choose some stuff. I’ve never been to an Ikea before so I was pretty excited. Seeing all the items they had there made me wish I had my own apartment to furnish too. I especially enjoyed testing the different couches and mattresses XD

A quick Swedish lesson before leaving Ikea 😀

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Pixar’s Inside Out so Ezra and I convinced Kurt to take us. The theater he brought us to was amazing! I’ve never seen such huge reclining seats at a movie theater before. Perfect for couples who want to cuddle. (The movie was great btw, I really enjoyed it.)

Towards the end of the month,we headed off to Vegas to attend a family reunion. Our relatives from New York and New Jersey planned this last year and I’m so glad it pushed through. It was really nice seeing everyone again, and I even got to meet some of my relatives for the first time. The last time we were in New York was in 1994 and some of my younger cousins haven’t been born yet.

It was great seeing the Lolas again of course, especially Lola Genie because the last time we saw each other was back in 2006. (Lola Ettie lives in California so at least we get to see each other once every year.)

Obligatory group shot taken during the party. Thanks John and Ate Zsa Zsa for hosting the reunion! 😀 Hopefully we’ll all see each other again soon.

As I mentioned above, July wasn’t too action packed but it was still pretty busy. It wasn’t like our previous visits to California where we would go on tours, amusement parks, museums, etc. This year we were more focused on helping Ezra with her wedding plans and making sure she had everything she needed before we left her there for good. This is a big change for all of us and we’re thankful that everything went smoothly 🙂


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