It’s finally here – the big 3-0! I can now proudly say that I made it out of my 20’s alive (well … mostly). Turning 30 is considered to be this huge milestone in everyone’s lives, and I can sort of understand why. I suppose this is the age where a lot of us start to seriously evaluate our lives and we begin to list down our past accomplishments. Either we smile and think “I’m proud of myself” or we ask ourselves “what have I been doing these past three decades?”. I feel like I belong to the latter group, but there are also several aspects of my life where I am proud of myself for what I have done and what I have accomplished. I may not be as successful and as far along in life as some of my friends (thank you Facebook for the constant reminder), but I can honestly say that I’m happy with where I am, and that’s good enough for me.


(Amie trying to do “3” and “0”)

I always imagined myself celebrating my 30th birthday in a fancy way – with a huge party, surrounded by lots of people (just like when I turned 18). But I think growing up made me realize that it’s not about the amount of people in your life, it’s about the quality and the connections. I think most adults would rather celebrate life events surrounded by a handful of special people than a room full of acquaintances.

I was a little bummed when I woke up on my birthday because I had a 7am class, and I hate having to wake up early. Fortunately, my class went smoothly so I had a stress-free morning. I also had a 3pm lecture that afternoon, but Dustin volunteered to cover that for me so I could just relax the rest of the day. Thanks Dustin! Hooray for wonderful friends! 😀 And speaking of friends, I had a nice birthday lunch at Dalcielo with Amie, Dustin and Ma’am Chrys.


 We had a delicious meal. I ate so much that I could barely move by the time we were finished.

When we returned to the office after lunch, I found a pleasant surprise for me at the Physika tambayan:



Aww thanks brods and sisses.

That evening, I had a nice Korean dinner at the 88 Resort and Spa with my parents and some friends. I’ve been celebrating my birthday here for three years now, lol.



We ordered some marinated meat which Dustin enjoyed cooking


My mom was in charge of the other set



Camille was able to join us as well, and she brought Ahl’s Chocolate Mousse Cake from her and Jojee. I’ve been craving that for weeks 😀 Unfortunately we were too full to eat it by the time we finished dinner, but she wanted me to blow the candles at least


She bought 10 candles, so she tried to make me blow them 3 times (I refused XD)




I also received complimentary bingsu/halo halo from 88’s manager as a gift. Thank you!!!


Back home, I had another cake waiting for me from my parents – sans rival (another favorite)

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday. I did feel a little sad and empty at times because this is supposed to be this huge milestone and I had to celebrate it without my sister next to me. I think this is the first birthday I’m celebrating without her (aside from those years when she wasn’t born yet of course). But she and Kurt left me heartwarming messages and called me several times that day, so it almost felt like they were with me in some way.

To wrap up my birthday, I had a fun shoot around campus with Brinks and Camille the following day. It was a simple and low-key shoot, we mostly just hung out and occasionally took pictures of each other, but I had a great time since I was in good company.


Thank you to everyone who made my special day memorable. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such kind and amazing people 😀


5 thoughts on “THIRTY!

  1. Has it really been 21 years since that tiny cute and brilliant little 9 year old came into my 4th grade classroom in Burma? Wow. Forgive me for disagreeing with the birthday girl, I understand modesty, but REALLY you belong in the former, not the later category! Happy Birthday Carmi. May there be many many more! Bruce Williams

    • Hi Mr. Williams! Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Thank you for the sweet greeting 🙂
      I can’t believe it’s been 21 years either. I still have very vivid memories of our 4th grade class. It was an amazing time for me, thank you for making it so much fun (and memorable) for your students! 😀

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