INSTABITS : August 2015

I just realized that we’re almost halfway through September and I haven’t gotten around to posting last month’s Instabits entry yet. My schedule’s been a little packed lately so I forgot all about it. Whoops.

During our last week in California, Ate Maryann and Ate Xenia took us out to have lunch at Gen’s Korean BBQ. I checked to see if they had free wifi for customers and I came across some interesting names.

Candid shot of my parents at the airport while we were waiting for our flight back to the Philippines. They were so immersed in their own shows but they refuse to let go of each other’s hands. I hope to have a relationship like theirs someday.

Last month I finally decided to get contacts after about 15 years of being too scared to touch my eyeballs. (I wrote about the experience HERE if you’re interested.)

Dustin presented me with this lovely rose on my first day back at the office. Thanks Dustin!

My eyes turned red when I wore my contacts for the first time (you can sort of tell in the previous photo – the one of me holding a rose). It took two days for my eyes to return to normal. But it was smooth sailing after that.

Lola Ettie requested that I post a picture of their dog Chestnut since she knew I took some photos of her during our family reunion in Vegas. Isn’t she adorable?

Dustin celebrated his birthday last month, so Amie and I took him out to have lunch at Dalcielo.

Random selfies I took while I was stuck in traffic

Dustin and I helped Physika out with their photoshoot for their silver anniversary. Of course we had some fun taking turns in front of the camera too. Dustin edited the photos and this is how mine came out 🙂

Ma’am Chrys took a few of us out to dinner at Faustina’s to thank us for handling the new faculty members’s classes while their papers were still being processed, weeee~

It was my first time at Faustina’s so Dustin took this photo of me there

I ordered the lamb and the others wanted to try it too, so this happened. Sharing is caring. (Hunger Games daw sabi ni Ma’am Chrys XD)

Kurt sent this to me. He had a little too much fun Photoshopping my latest self portrait again, tsk tsk

Finally got my desk cover replaced after two years, thanks to my new SA.

Since I couldn’t use my table while my SA was fixing it, Dustin and I hijacked Sir Taps’s cubicle

Visited Ted’s for the first time last month. Loved all the signs and decoration. The food was pretty good too 😀

Another random selfie, taken at the office this time.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Wing Street is now available here in the Philippines too. Yay! Their honey BBQ sauce tastes different from the one in the States, but it was still pretty good.

That ends August’s Instagram dump. Again, no book collage this month since I barely got any reading done. Besides having a busy schedule, I’ve been trying to catch up on Running Man episodes so I haven’t had much time to read lately. Plus, most of the books I’ve come across lately don’t interest me. I’ve abandoned several books these past few months because of this. I’m hoping that I’ll find a book that will get me hooked on reading again. Any recommendations?


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