Week 28/52 : Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely

I’m still 9 weeks behind on this project, gah! I have about 5 picture lined up for posting (I’ve even finished editing them), but I still keep forgetting to upload them. In fact, this photo was taken on the same day as my 27th self portrait, which was almost a month ago, and yet I only remembered to post it today.

Again this was shot using my 50mm lens. It’s been so long since I last played around with it that I forgot how much I loved bokeh. I’m definitely going to have to start using it again in the future.

The quote I chose is by Auguste Rodin. I know that everyone has experiences in their lives that they would rather forget – I do too. But I believe that every experience comes with a lesson or a nugget of wisdom, and those are the things we should remember. We shouldn’t dwell on negative experiences, but we should hold on to the things that we learned. The same goes for the people that come and go into our lives. I believe that people enter our lives for a specific purpose. Sometimes when they leave us we complain that we should never have wasted our time on them, but I believe that the reason they left is because they have fulfilled their role in our lives. I recently had to say goodbye to someone who was a very big part of my life, and although it makes me sad, I appreciate all the lessons this person taught me. I know that I would be a very different person now if I hadn’t met them, and because of that I’m thankful that I got to know them.


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