INSTABITS : September 2015

October is here, which means it’s time for my monthly Instagram dump. This is my first Instabits entry after Instagram started allowing non-square photos to be uploaded. I was wondering how they would show up here on my blog. I thought they would just keep the original dimensions but it turned out all Instagram did was add a white border around it to make it square. I suppose it saves me the extra step of having to do it myself in Photogrid, though I usually prefer black borders instead of white. It’s a good thing I use a white background on my blog now, so you can’t really tell, except it looks like there’s a lot of unnecessary spaces between some of the photos.

First post of the month was a selfie I took after I had my hair trimmed. The last time I got a haircut was July last year, which was a long time ago.

For my birthday, Dustin gave me a carnation and Sir Marvs gave me these “homemade” cookies. He said he stayed up all night baking them for me, lol.

For my birthday lunch, Amie, Dustin, Ma’am Chrys and I went to Dalcielo where I ate way too much. I could barely move by the time we were done

I passed by the Physika tambayan on my way back to the office and saw that they made this sweet greeting for me. Thanks brods and sisses!

For my birthday dinner, my family and I ate with some friends at 88 Resort.

The manager is a friend of ours and she gave me this huge complimentary halo halo for dessert.

To wrap up my birthday celebration, Brinks, Camille and I had a quick shoot around campus that weekend.(You can read more about my birthday thoughts and celebration HERE)

Ena visited the Philippines this month and we had merienda at Cocina one afternoon. The last time we saw each other was in 2012, so I’m glad we were able to meet up.

Another balikbayan friend this month was Cherry. She was visiting from Norway for a few weeks. Cham, Tsina and I met her for dinner at Bonitos one evening.

A week after my birthday, I saw this cute illustration that a student drew in one of our classrooms. I didn’t see it on my actual birthday because they were renovating the room. Coincidentally, I saw it on *her* birthday. (Amie added the birthday message because she thought it looked like me.)

When my old college blocmates found out that Ena was visiting from Australia, they organized an impromptu bloc reunion. I didn’t think a lot of people would make it because most of them only found out a day before our meetup (some were even informed on the actual day) but I was happy to see that a lot of them were able to join us. Rey even flew in from Davao that morning.

We met up at Festival Mall and slept over at Leni’s house. We stayed up reminiscing college and sharing stories with each other.

Some of our blocmates didn’t make it for dinner and the sleepover, but they dropped by for breakfast the following day 🙂

Everyone’s been going crazy about these adult coloring books, so I decided to give it a try. Verdict: they’re very therapeutic. I can see why people love them 🙂

They’re also very time consuming. But as long as you don’t pressure yourself to finish a page quickly, they’re a great way to relieve stress.

Some officemates and I went to MOA to drop by the 36th Manila International Book Fair. We looked for books that we could use as reference in our classes, but we also had fun picking out a few for our personal collections.

This is what I ended up getting. I’ve read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Wonder last year as ebooks, and I loved them so much that I decided to get physical copies. I picked up another coloring book too since it was only P99. The 48 set of colored pencils, on the other hand, set me back almost P600. But I love them and I’ve used them a lot since I bought them so I suppose it was a good investment.

Dustin, Sir Marvs, Eden and I had spicy Korean food for lunch, so we decided to treat ourselves to some Yoh Froz afterwards.

We had some free time in the afternoon after we checked out the book fair so we decided to go ice skating.  The last time I went was probably almost 20 years ago. I was a little wobbly at first but I was soon able to get my balance back and skate freely.

Physicists on ice!

Sir Taps returned after a 2-month visit to Japan. He gave me these as pasaubong. Thanks Sir!

To celebrate Sir Taps’s return, we had an early dinner at Seoul Kitchen. They expanded so we decided to see what was new with them.

Aside from transferring to a more spacious location, Seoul Kitchen added some new things on their menu, including toppoki yay!

Last Friday was a holiday so Brinks, Camille and I went to SM Calamba to watch Hotel Transylvania 2. Afterwards we hung out at the new Krispy Kreme that opened there.

Sugar overload!

Brinks and I coincidentally both wore UP shirts that day. That’s how much we love our alma mater XD

Physika had its alumni homecoming party this month. The last time I attended our alumi homecoming was back in 2006. It’s great to see old faces again. The organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  I was really impressed with the venue and the program. They were even able to invite some of the charter members, including the Physika’s first president, Dr. Val Almoro. Congrats Physika!

One of the people I was most excited to see at the party was Jam. She was my bloc leader, as well as my batch leader when we joined the org back in 2004. Plus we have the same sponsor, which makes us sisters. She’s also celebrating her birthday this month – in fact it was the day after our AHC so we sung happy birthday to her when midnight came around.

Physika prepared this background for their photobooth. Their camera ran out of battery at one point so we used our phones to take our own photos while it was recharging.

Dustin’s candid shot XD

IMSP faculty at the AHC. Classy~

“Family portrait” at Dalcielo. Ma’am Chrys asked us to have dinner together that night because she wanted to unwind after catching an important deadline.

(Grabbed this from Dustin’s IG.) We had pizza, pasta and ice cream to celebrate. We decided to try Carmen’s Best’s flavor called He’s Not Worth It. It was pretty good 😀

That ends this month’s Instabits. I didn’t realize how packed my September was until I was writing this post. I made so many good memories this month and it’s all because of the wonderful people around me. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by people who show me what it means to be happy.  September was a month where I was able to reconnect with a lot of my old friends, and I’m very thankful for that. I couldn’t ask for a better present from my birth-month 😀

On another note, I like Instagram’s non-square format on the actual app, but I’m not too happy with how it looks when I share the photos here on my blog. I don’t enjoy the empty spaces between the photos and I’m reconsidering adding a black background to my non-square uploads in the future.


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