Japan Day 3 : All aboard the Diamond Princess!

After spending two days exploring Japan ourselves, it was time for us to board our ship and begin our 7-day cruise. We loved our free time, but this is what we came to Japan for, so we were really excited.


Our hotel was not too far from the pier, but we had lots of bags with us so we decided to get a taxi. Our driver dropped us off at the entrance of the Osanbashi pier.


 DSC00042a (2)

There were lots of people there, just like an airport



The first thing we did was dropped our luggage off (after making sure they had the bag tags on of course)

DSC00042a (4)

Afterwards we proceeded to the check in counters. They were still closed so we had to wait for about an hour before checking in

DSC00042a (1)

Princess Cruises was celebrating its 50th year, so there was gold everywhere


After having our documents checked, we were finally allowed to board the ship


Ezra and I stayed in room C724 – which was the room number my parents had when we went on our Alaskan cruise last year

This time my parents had the room across the hall from us, and they had a balcony 😀



My mom wanted a room with a balcony during our Alaskan cruise but we figured it would be too cold to stay out there anyway. At least our Japanese cruise was a bit warmer and we were able enjoy the view every now and then


One of the first things we did after getting settled in was check the Princess Patter for the schedule of activities. We wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything.


We saw that there would be a sake barrel breaking ceremony at 4pm, which we wanted to take part in

It was almost noon by the time we made it on the ship, so we headed over to the Horizon Court to grab lunch


One of the best things about being on a Japanese cruise is the food. Our family loves Japanese food, and there was no shortage of it in the buffet. Soba and ramen everyday, yum!


Ezra was most excited about the desserts. I would often find her hanging around the dessert table looking for something sweet to eat


Of course I had to appease my sweet tooth too. It was especially fond of these fruit tarts 😀

From our seat in the Horizon Court we spotted the bags that were being loaded on to the ship



We tried to look for ours but we couldn’t find it. (They deliver your bags to your room within the day.)

After lunch we walked around a bit before heading to the Piazza to be serenaded by some performers


Ezra and I were pretty excited to find this cute samisen performer. We passed by him at the buffet earlier and he caught our eye because he was wearing traditional Japanese robes (plus he’s really good looking). If we knew he would be playing we would have devoured our lunch quicker to watch his entire performance. Sadly, we were only able to catch his final two songs before he was replaced by a string quartet.

After about an hour, the barrel breaking ceremony began. The staff loaded the barrel with some sake, and their special guests (a couple who had been sailing with Princess Cruises for over 1000 days) were asked to do the honors


Everyone was asked to grab a cup of sake and toast the start of our cruise



We spent the rest of our afternoon walking around the ship, attending a safety drill and waving goodbye to strangers on the pier as the ship pulled away. At around 7pm, we headed down to the Santa Fe dining room where we were assigned to have dinner.



Ezra was so happy to be reunited with Princess Cruises’s yummy dinner menu 🙂 She had been dreaming of their food for weeks before our trip


Well-fed ladies 😀

I didn’t take pictures of our food but Ezra took lots of footage during dinner (she took lots of videos throughout the entire day). I compiled them all into a vlog which you can watch below:

Yes, we were a little crazy in the video. No, we weren’t on drugs. This happens a lot whenever you lock Ezra and me up in a room for too long. (Also we were really excited to be going on another cruise :D) I miss moments like this.


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