Week 41/52 : The heart that gives, gathers

Surprise surprise! Another self portrait taken at Cintai during my mom’s birthday weekend (blog entry HERE). I’m doing my best to catch up on this project so I took a lot while we were there. This might be my last one, but if I get desperate I have another photo from that weekend I can use. (Although I really don’t want to because I realized most of my photos there consisted of me posing in front of a nice wall while looking to my right. I need to start learning more poses.)

Thanks to my dad for taking this photo, and thanks to my mom for lending me her blouse. I didn’t bring that many clothes with me since we were only staying overnight but I didn’t want to keep wearing the same thing in my self portraits. She literally took the shirt off her back just so I could have this shot (don’t worry, she was wearing a cami underneath).

(Quote in the title is from Tao Te Ching)


One thought on “Week 41/52 : The heart that gives, gathers

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