Japan Day 5 : Treasure hunts, kimonos and a champagne waterfall

Our third day on the Diamond Princess was spent at sea. The staff prepared lots of on-board activities to keep the passengers entertained.

IMG_4398a (1)

My parents woke up to an anniversary greeting from the Diamond Princess staff at their door

That morning we decided to have breakfast at the International Dining Room. We usually have breakfast at the buffet since it’s faster and more accessible, but since we were going to spend the whole day at sea we figured we can take the time to have a proper sit-down breakfast.

IMG_4398a (5)

Nathan (Sta Fe’s head waiter) was there that morning and he saved us a table next to the window. We ordered a traditional Japanese breakfast which consisted of grilled fish, umeboshi, tofu, miso soup, fruits and rice/congee. Guests may also ask for pastries, yogurt, cereal and other typical Western breakfast food.

After consuming our food we participated in a treasure hunt around the ship using stamp cards  we found at our doors that morning. We had a chance to win $1000 worth of prizes if we complete them.



IMG_4398a (7)

Ezra didn’t want to join the hunt (she’d rather nap in our room) so it was just my parents and me

I had fun during the treasure hunt because we got to explore parts of the ship that we wouldn’t normally visit. Like the Izumi bath house:


One side for men and the other for women

IMG_4428a (1)

And the back of the ship:


IMG_4400a (1)


 IMG_4428a (2)

We also checked out the nightclub, but it was closed of course

That afternoon the ship hosted a kimono session where guests could try on traditional Japanese outfits. We went really early because there were lots of interested guests, and only 13 available kimonos.


Ezra moved very quickly and managed to snag one of the 13. My mom and I were still standing around wondering if we would be able to grab one when we spotted Ezra walking out from the crowd carrying this.


Instead of trying to get another kimono, we decided to just take turns wearing the one that Ezra got. She went first of course.


Putting the kimono/yukata on was a little tricky at first, but thankfully there were lots of Japanese passengers willing to lend a hand. (We have our own at home, but they’re cheat yukatas. They’re a lot easier to put on than the real thing.)

Daddy got a chance to wear a men’s kimono too.

IMG_4454a (1)

Getting help from Ken (one of the staff). There were only 4 men’s kimonos available, but fortunately there were only a few men who went to the event. Also, Ezra had to have gotten her fast reflexes when battling with crowds somewhere, and I’m pretty sure it’s from Daddy. The lady hosting the session was still in the middle of counting the number of women who showed up to the event when we spotted my dad in the corner already halfway through putting his kimono on.

IMG_4454a (2)

They had wooden slippers available too


All dressed up!


After we took pictures of Ezra it was my turn to wear the kimono

 IMG_4492a (1)

The nice lady helped us out again

IMG_4492a (2)



Finally it was Mommy’s turn:

IMG_4514a (2)

IMG_4514a (3)

IMG_4514a (1)


Mama with they lady who hosted the session

That evening was formal night. There was a champagne waterfall event at the Atrium, and the Captain was there with some of the staff to say hello to the guests.


Lots of the people gathered at the Piazza


The event directors were there to host the program


Hello Captain!

Of course we took turns pouring champagne on the glass tower

IMG_4573a (3)



Then afterwards we headed to the Sta. Fe dining room for dinner.


The staff were in formal attire too, so of course we had to get our photo taken with them. That’s Yuni (our waiter) on the left and Nathan (Sta Fe’s head waiter) on the right.


My parents were celebrating their anniversary that evening, so the staff prepared a cake and card for them



After our meal we chatted a bit more with Nathan and took more photos with him before heading back to our rooms to rest.



You can watch our vlog from this day below. It contains footage of us having breakfast, going on the treasure hunt, putting on the kimono and making fun of Ezra over dinner 🙂


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