INSTABITS : November 2015

Hello everyone! This will be my last Instabits entry for 2015 (because it will already by 2016 by the time I post my December entry). Let’s do this!

Brinks discovered (using Timehop) that over the past years I get extra clingy around November 1. I wonder why… She has this theory that I’m scared of ghosts so I look for someone to spend the day with XD

Bought this dress in Thailand for 99 Baht. But it’s a bit too big for me so I’ve only worn it once

Gilbert brought it to my attention that apparently this game exists in the Play Store. (I really hope they resolve the whole Laglag Bala issue at NAIA soon.)

I went to SM Calamba with my parents to get our printer fixed and saw that they put up their Christmas decorations already. I love the huge Christmas trees and the cute reindeer (though you can’t really see them in this picture.)

One of my students brought her puppy to class this month. So adorbs! Of course I had to borrow him/her for a picture

I mentioned to Amie that I wanted to get a bunny to keep me company in my room. (It’s been really quiet and boring ever since Ezra left.) Her mom’s rabbit had just given birth and so she gave me this adorable little fella. I talk more about her in my 45th self portrait.

I named her Mochi. She eats mostly pellets and kangkong. She’s gotten so much bigger since this photo because all she does is eat.

I had lunch with my parents a few weeks ago, and they decided to try out the new Seoul Kitchen menu. Since my dad was paying, I indulged and ordered the kalbi steak, kimbop and matcha frappe ❤

My dear friend Camille is getting married in a few days so my friends and I organized a little bridal shower for her. We had the cake especially made for the occasion 😀

While waiting for Camille to arrive from Manila for her shower, Brinks and I hung out around campus and took pictures with the Christmas tree.

Vesma and Aprille showed up shortly after. We got to see Vesma’s kids and play with them 😀

After our dinner with Camille we went back to campus to take more pictures with the tree

(Grabbed this from Brinky’s IG). The girls and I went on a movie date to see Second Chance at SM Calamba. The theater was packed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that full before, there were people sitting in the aisles! Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the movie (especially compared to the first), but I did love the company 😀

That’s it for this month’s photo dump. As usual I don’t have that many posts for November because the semester’s coming to a close which means tons of work for all of us. But you can expect a long December Instabits entry since I’ll probably be spamming you guys with holiday photos 😀


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