Week 45/52 : Mochi

Ever since my sister got married, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely at home. I’m used to having someone to talk to and goof around with after work, and now that’s gone. I decided that the best way to resolve this was to get a pet. Initally I wanted a puppy, but my dad would never agree to let me keep a dog inside my room (we keep our dogs outside) so I figured the next best thing would be a rabbit. I mentioned it to Amie one day, and it so happened that her mom’s pet rabbit just gave birth! I didn’t even know her mom had a rabbit, so that was a pleasant surprise. We waited until the babies were old enough to be separated from their mother, and Amie gave me this little furball a few weeks later.

I had a hard time deciding on a name at first, but in the end I went with Mochi. Most of the time I just call her “Chi”. Ocassionally I call her Mochichi when she’s being extra adorable. When I first got her I didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl (apparently it’s really hard to determine the sex of young rabbits), but upon my last inspection, I’m 90% sure she’s a girl. I love spending time with her. Most people think that rabbits make boring pets, but I have a lot of fun just watching her run around my room. She’s also very sweet, she loves being stroked and she’s always begging for attention (and treats). But she hates being picked up, which is why she wasn’t too happy about this shoot. I tried my best to be quick about it and gave her lots of treats afterwards. Besides, look how adorable she is 😀

Thanks to Chops for the Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials which encouraged me to shoot again just so I would have something to edit. And thanks for putting up with my questions about how to edit this shot!

EDIT : Two months later and I’ve discovered that Mochi is NOT a girl. He is 100% male. So much for being 90% sure. It’s a good thing I’m not a vet XD


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