Week 48/52 : Chasing clouds

Another conceptual self portrait, yay~ I really missed doing these.

This was inspired by the thunderstorm we had last week. We pretty much had continuous rain everyday. It got so bad that the roads flooded, causing severe traffic where I live. I tried to defy Mother Nature last Saturday by trying to get to SM Calamba despite the heavy rain. As a result I almost got stranded due to all the flooding. I spent over an hour trying, and managed to cross three flooded areas before I gave up and decided to head back home. Of course that meant I had to pass through the floods I crossed earlier, and this time they were much deeper because the rain wouldn’t stop. I had to park on the side of the road and wait for a while because I knew my car wouldn’t make it through one of the areas. Fortunately traffic aids appeared after some time and started directing us to alternate routes, which meant that I was able to avoid two flooded areas and made it back home safely. Phew~ Lesson learned Mother Nature.

At least one good thing came out of my experience. It gave me the inspiration for this photo. Initially I wanted to do something related to rain, but I saw my white wig and the cloud idea came to me so I decided to shoot that instead 🙂


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