Sunset shoot with Chops

A few weeks ago I had a shoot with Chops (Chops Bardos Photography) here in LB. We’ve been trying to find a common time since last year, but things kept coming up. I’m glad we were finally able to make this happen.

We didn’t really have a location in mind but I decided to take him to the National Art Center because it’s one of the most scenic places around here.


I love all the shots but that last one is my personal favorite. I love how it came out, especially since it felt so awkward while I was holding the pose. This was my first time really modelling for someone else, so I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning. I’m used to posing for a camera on a tripod, but not for other people. I tend to get quite shy when I know I’m being watched, but Chops was great. He knew what he wanted and he directed me, so I didn’t feel lost during our shoot. And I especially loved how he played with light. Aside from being his model that day, I was also his student. He gave me lots of advice on how to improve my photography and how to use light to add emotion to my photos.

You can check out Chops’s photography page by clicking on this link:  Chops Bardos Photography


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