Christmas 2015

December 24 was extremely busy for me because I had two Christmas parties to attend that day. My friends and I decided to have a breakfast party this year rather than our usual dinner (mostly because this was the only time all of us were available), and of course my family had our annual lunch party with relatives from my mother’s side.

For the second year in a row, we decided to have 0ur barkada Christmas party at Brinky’s house.




The colors we’re wearing make up the Philippine flag (with Aprille as the flag pole XD). This was not intentional.

As soon as my barkada party ended, I rushed home so I could make it in time for my family’s lunch party:


Surprisingly this was the only group shot taken that day. Normally we spend a lot of time taking group photos, but I guess everyone was too hungry to pose that day


The boys



I recently bought a new vlogging camera – the Canon Vixia Mini X. I used it to take this group photo of the cousins. It has a wide angle lens so we ended up looking pretty distorted.

Here’s us looking a little less misshapen:



Since Ezra wasn’t there, Gilbert found another person to bully during picture time XD



Our relatives left in the afternoon. That evening my parents and I attended mass and had a quick Noche Buena dinner before packing for our trip to Thailand the next day.

IMG_9869 (1)

IMG_9869 (2)

I took some footage using my new vlogging camera and you can watch my Christmas vlog below:


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