Japan Day 6 : Nagasaki and balloons!

On our 6th day in Japan, our ship docked in Nagasaki. There were plenty of places to visit but we decided not to book a tour because we wanted to explore the city ourselves.


We woke up with a birthday treat for Ezra at our door that morning because when we booked our cruise we indicated that this was part of Ezra’s birthday celebration as well. Our parents’ anniversary balloons were still hanging outside their room so our doors looked like mirror images of each other. (Yes, Ezra and I decided to wear the same dress that day).


The crew also gave Ezra a birthday card


Birthday girl. (Her birthday was actually a month earlier so this was a late celebration)


Since we didn’t book a tour, we got a map from the information center and asked for advice on which sites we should visit.

One of the main forms of transportation around Nagasaki are the trams. We took a couple of them that day to get to the places we wanted to see.


Initially we couldn’t find the tram station since I was expecting something like the train stations in Tokyo, but they turned out to be these small platforms in the middle of the road.

IMG_4683a (2)

IMG_4683a (1)

I thought it was cool that they had change machines inside the trams, in case you didn’t have any coins with you for the fare.


The map we got was pretty helpful and gave good directions to the popular tourist destinations…


… but that didn’t stop us from getting lost. Thankfully a kind old man helped us find our way. Japanese people are so helpful! We only asked for directions but he personally took us to the place we wanted to go.

It was raining pretty hard that morning and most of the places we wanted to see were outdoors. We decided to stop by the bomb museum first since it was indoors and hoped that the rain would stop soon.

IMG_4699a (4)

We saw lots of colorful origami there


We also found this long string of origami cranes that wrapped around the spiral pathway down to the museum



They called the exhibit “A String of A Thousand Cranes”


There was also this colorful quilt with messages of love, peace and hope

After exploring the museum, we went back outside and found that the rain had stopped, so we decided to visit the other tourist sites



Most of the places we wanted to see were right next to each other, such as Ground Zero, the Peace Statue and the Peace Fountain



This was the place where the bomb hit Nagasaki back in 1945


We saw lots of students going on field trips and paying respect to the victims of war

IMG_4791A (1)

This “wall” was the once part of a church. It was the only thing left standing of the church after the bomb hit

IMG_4791A (2)

This is the 50th year commemorative statue of the atomic bombing

Afterwards we decided to visit the Peace Fountain. To get there we had to climb some stairs.


There was an escalator there too, but we chose the stairs because the flowers were so pretty.




Peace fountain

IMG_4843A (3)

IMG_4843A (5)

Behind us you can see the peace monument

We were starting to get hungry after this so we stopped by Family Mart to buy some snacks


IMG_4892There were lots of instant meals available


As well as our favorite onigiri


I also browsed through some of the makeup that I saw there


Here’s something interesting – deodorant paper for your body. Hmm … I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use it in place of actual deodorant though

Since we still had a bit of time before we had to return to the ship we decided to drop by the Hamanomachi Arcade – a shopping district located just nearby

IMG_4906A (1)


I bought a cute umbrella from one of the stores there. We also dropped by Daiso to buy more snacks and pasalubong.  I bought a few makeup items to try out there too. (You can check out my Japan haul HERE).

Here’s another interesting thing I saw at Daiso

Ever Bilena makeup!


And more Ever Bilena makeup. I always thought that Ever Bilena was only found in the Philippines, but apparently they make products for Daiso as well.

After shopping we returned to the ship and ate lots of hot ramen to warm us up. (It was pretty cold that morning, plus it started raining again and we got a little wet.) We spent our afternoon napping and only ventured out of our rooms again for dinner, during which the staff sang Happy Birthday to Ezra and gave her a birthday cake.

IMG_4906Ba (2)

IMG_4906Ba (3)

Thanks Sta. Fe dining crew 😀

Something we were all excited about that evening was the balloon drop party. The balloons were scheduled to drop at 9:45. We ate our meals quickly so we wouldn’t miss it.


During my parents last cruise they had really colorful balloons, but since this year was Princess Cruises’s 50th anniversary all the balloons were gold




When we got to the Atrium the party had already started. Thankfully we still managed to grab a good spot. We missed the performances by the dancers, but we made it in time for the balloon drop.

After a few more songs, the events director started the countdown for the release of the balloons. Ezra and I were extremely excited because we’ve never seen anything like this before.

IMG_4929a (3)

It was pretty chaotic once the balloons were dropped, but it was definitely a lot of fun!

IMG_4929a (4)

IMG_4929a (5)


I took lots of footage using the GoPro and you can watch us having fun popping the balloons in our vlog at the end of this entry.

IMG_4929c (1)

IMG_4929c (2)

We decided not to pop all the balloons we got and brought some back with us to our room as souvenirs 😀

Our vlog for this day can be found below. You’ll find footage of us walking around Nagasaki, celebrating Ezra’s birthday during dinner and going crazy popping balloons at the party:



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