INSTABITS : December 2015

Warning : Photo heavy post ahead

As usual, I was pretty active on Instagram (and Facebook) over the holidays, which meant that I spammed my friends with photos. You have been warned. Here’s my last photo-dump for 2015 😀

My first post for the month was this photo of Dustin, Sir Marvs, Sir Taps and me at the UPLB Christmas tree during the last day of classes. Thanks to my super sipag SA, Jeri, for the photo 😀

We also took photos by the Christmas houses nearby

Dustin and I had lunch at Seoul Kitchen and I decided to order something else other than my regular cheese rappoki. I tried their donkas and Dustin ordered the bulsilog

Dustin bought a new camera last month and we went out a couple of times after work to play around with it. We invited Jeri along so she could take photos of us. This was taken the same afternoon as my week 43 portrait for 2015

Photo taken by Dustin. Texting at the office XD

Peeked into Sir Taps’s cubicle and caught him in rage mode. Poor Paul 😦 Just kidding! Sir Taps likes to ham it up for the camera.

I ordered this carrot toy for Mochi on eBay but she doesn’t pay attention to it. She still prefers to chew on things she’s not supposed to – like my shoes, shelves, slippers, books, bags and electrical cords.

Look what she did to my laptop cord 😦 I try to keep all the wires in my room hidden or elevated so she wouldn’t reach them, but I keep forgetting that she can jump over obstacles and stand on her hind legs to reach high places.

She knows she can get away with it because she’s too adorable for me to stay mad at her. Look at her sleeping, lol.  Sometimes I wake her up just to make sure she’s not dead

Chops visited LB one afternoon and we ended up having an impromptu Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial

Last month our office held a Physics workshop for PSHS teachers and I helped out during one of the sessions

Caution: Physicists crossing. I love this photo. Credits to Jason for the shot 😀

During my PP session with Chops we decided to schedule a photoshoot, so he returned a week later and we went to the National Art Center to take some photos. You can see the final output here : Sunset shoot with Chops

One very exciting thing that happened last month was Camille and JR getting married 😀 Congratulations! I posted my pictures from the wedding a few days earlier, you can see them HERE

Brinks and I were bridesmaids yay!

Aprille was in charge of the flowers of course. They’re beautiful!

Kupos 😀

Bridesmaids mirror shot 😀 I used my GoPro (Hero 3+ Black) to vlog that day, but I also borrowed my dad’s Hero 4 Silver because the LCD screen made things a lot easier.

Grabbed this from Brinky’s IG. Cheers to 15 years of friendship. So blessed to have these girls in my life.

I found these shades on Jason’s desk and I took loads of selfies with them

A few days later he bought a new pair so of course I stole them again for more selfies

My parents love spending time with my office friends so they invited them over for a small Christmas party at our place. Yay Instagrammables 😀

Poor Sir Marvs got his R.Sito stolen by Sir Taps in our White Elephant game during the party

Mochichi stopped by our Christmas party to say hello to our guests

For my 47th self portrait this year, I went with a paper doll concept. I drew the props in Photoshop and printed them out. Here’s the final result : Week 47/52

Ever since I got her, I’ve been feeding Mochi these Hagen rabbit pellets. They’re pretty expensive (250 pesos for 1.13kg) so I tried giving her the generic brand which was MUCH cheaper (30 pesos per kg). The problem is she doesn’t seem to like them. Even when I mix the two brands together she can still pick out the Hagen pellets. But I decided to just go ahead and splurge for the expensive pellets because the cheaper one makes her urine smell bad, which makes my room smell bad.

The beautiful Pia Wurtzbach. I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the whole Ms. Universe fiasco. Such an awkward and embarrassing moment for everyone. Nevertheless, the Philippines is very proud of our Ms. Universe.

Ninang arrived in the Philippines at the end of December, so we went to meet her. Raffy and I took selfies and sent them to Ezra to make her jealous XD

New vlogging camera yay! I love the flip out screen and how good the built in mic is. The GoPro takes great footage but the audio is usually muffled because of the casing (and I don’t want to take it off because I’m scared that I’ll drop it), so I asked Ezra and Kurt to get me the Canon Vixia Mini X. Ninang was able to bring it with her on her trip here. It’s the camera I used in my Christmas and New Year vlogs.

Adrian dropped by one evening to give me this adorable mini Squall figurine. Kawaiiii~ He also gave me a charm but he couldn’t remember if it was for love or studies. I told him I needed luck for both of them anyway so it didn’t matter XD Thanks Adrian! (Di ko alam pano spell nickname mo e, saka baka ayaw mo ipublicize hahaha)

My Christmas nail art this year. Simple yet festive.

This year my friends and I had a breakfast Christmas party instead of our usual dinner. Philippine flag colors (with Aprille as the pole lol).

I used the Vixia Mini X to take this selfie with my cousins and we came out quite distorted.

With my “baby” cousins XD (I’m the oldest cousin on my mother’s side)

For Christmas this year, we went to Thailand for the third year in a row. The guy behind me on the plane had both his stinky feet up on my armrests the entire flight! I know I should have said something but I’m a very non-confrontational person.

Naturally we stayed at the Indra Regent again since we love that hotel. There were only 3 of us this year so my parents didn’t book the Lanna Suite (which was our room for the past 2 visits). We thought we would just be getting a simple room with three beds but Mr. Bob (the manager) upgraded us to the Royal Thai Suite. It’s pretty much identical to the Lanna Suite except the second bathroom doesn’t have a shower. My parents let me have the Master bedroom so I got to sleep on the four poster bed yay! Thank you Mr. Bob!

On our second night there we had dinner at the Big C food court and I ordered my usual tom yum fried rice and wanton soup. Yumm.

My favorite part of our Thailand trips – SHOPPING! I love Pratunam’s night markets. So many good deals if you know what you’re looking for.

I think I’m very efficient when it comes to combing though the stalls at the night market, but it can still take a while to see everything. Luckily my poor, tired parents found a spot to sit and wait while I finish my shopping

On our 4th day we booked an early morning tour to the Floating Market. Our tour guide was scheduled to pick us up at 6:45am, so we went down to the breakfast room at 6am, which was when they opened. In fact they were still closed by the time we got there and we had to wait a couple of minutes before they let us in. It was my first time seeing the breakfast room so empty. Usually it’s super crowded.

Selfie at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (blog entry to follow)

Here’s an overhead shot of the floating Market from the view deck

Our guide took us to the elephant park after this. My last elephant ride was probably over 20 years ago, so I decided to try it again. It was much bumpier than I remember.

We also watched an elephant show and I got a free hug afterwards

There’s a 7-11 located right in front of our hotel where I like to go and buy ice cream. I tried the pink magnum (pomegranate) because I’ve never seen it before and I ended up really liking it 😀

My last post for the year was this family photo taken on New Year’s Eve. I told my parents to make a heart and this was the result. It’s our first new year without Ezra, but we’re happy knowing that she had fun with Kurt’s family in Palm Springs.

That ends my extremely long December Instabits entry. I think I uploaded 46 photos in total (whoa) which is why it took so long for me to edit this entry as well. My 2015 ended wonderfully. There were a lot of rough patches for me this year, but with the help of friends and family I managed to get through them. I hope this coming year will give me the fresh start I need. Happy 2016 everyone!


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