Japan Day 7 : Stopover at Busan, Korea

I’m well aware that Busan is not part of Japan, but our 9-day Japanese cruise included a one-day stop in Korea so I’m including this entry in my Japan blog series. I was hoping we could visit Seoul but of course we could only dock at port cities. Still, I was pretty excited because I’ve heard many good things about Busan.


It was nice and sunny that day, which was a pleasant change. It rained during all our previous tours so we were happy to see the sun again.


Ezra and I had a hard time with this shot because the heads were placed extremely high up. I guess we’re much shorter than the average Korean. (Hmm … I suppose we’re much shorter than the average Filipino as well…)


We decided to not sign up for a group tour because we wanted time to explore by ourselves. The information counter gave us this map so we wouldn’t get lost.

To get to the city you had to take a free shuttle from the pier:

IMG_4945a (2)

When we got to the parking lot the previous bus had just filled up so we had to grab the next one. We had to wait for other passengers to arrive before leaving but at least we got front row seats.

As soon as we reached the city, Ezra found her Korean hubby:

IMG_4945a (3)

Lee Jong Suk ❤


My mom really wanted to see Jagalchi Market so we went there first.  We saw lots of interesting things being sold:


We weren’t sure what this was but we guessed that it was a sea squirt (we were right).


We saw lots of shellfish


And a few octopus

IMG_4970a (1)

Of course my mom took lots of pictures

After this we passed by a beauty store so we went inside to check it out


There were boxes and boxes of hair dye, all featuring Shin Min Ah


I also found these chewable toothbrushes. Interesting … I wonder how this works …

Here’s what I really came here for :


Face masks!


Loads and loads of face masks


I wanted to try everything, but I controlled myself and only bought a few (relatively speaking … you can see my haul HERE).

We looked for other places to visit on the map and I saw that they had a shopping street – Gwangbok Ro. I convinced everyone that we should go there next.IMG_5165


We came across the cutest Etude House store ever:


Kyaaah! It looks like a dollhouse! I went inside and ended up buying more face masks. I also picked up their AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot kit since I started breaking out on this trip T__T

After walking for a while, Ezra found her Korean hubby again

IMG_5026a (1)

We also found her Korean hubby #2

IMG_5026a (2)

Kim Woo Bin ❤

My mom also spotted her bias:



(She’s a huge Lee Min Ho fangirl)


I was trying to take a photo of the huge Kim Soo Hyun billboard but my parents thought I was aiming the camera at them, lol

We found this escalator while walking and decided to go up



Look how narrow it is! I guess you have to be really slim to live in Korea if their escalators are this tiny.


On our way up, we came across an exercise park and decided to stop and play for a while.

IMG_5043a (2)

IMG_5043a (3)

I wish they had exercise parks in LB too. Most of the machines were really simple and easy to use, but they give a decent workout.

After sweating for a bit, we continued our climb and we stopped at a Buddhist temple with these colorful lanterns in celebration of Buddha’s birthday




This was where my 22nd self portrait for 2015 was taken



Afterwards we decided to go see the underground shopping center



Inside it looked like a subway station with lots of stalls

It was also connected to the Lotte Department Store so we decided to go inside



We somehow found ourselves at the Food Capital where we saw all sorts of yummy treats


Like these popsicles


And these huge ice cream macarons


There was a taiyaki stall there too


We tried their red bean and walnut taiyaki which was pretty good

Back on the streets we saw many carts selling Korean street foods



My mom really wanted to taste the odeng, which was like a cylindrical fish ball/cake


My dad didn’t really have anything specific he wanted to try, but he saw a long line for one of the stalls and figured that they must be selling something good so he bought some. We’re not sure what it’s called but it tastes sort of like a donut filled with different kinds of nuts (and some veggies I think).

We also ordered spicy rice cakes and blood sausages. The lady actually wouldn’t sell them to us because she said they were too spicy, but we insisted. We should have listened to her. I don’t have any pictures of our facial expressions after eating them but you can watch the footage in my vlog at the end of this entry.

IMG_5254a (1)

While we were eating, we ran into Nathan (our head waiter at the ship) and he took this photo of us.

On our way back to the shuttle, we ran into Nathan *again* and he took another photo for us XD


There was a long line for the shuttle back to the ship so it was a good thing we decided to head back early. The last free shuttle leaves at 2pm, and after that passengers would have to pay to take a taxi to get back to the pier.

Before boarding we decided to take a few photos in front of the ship first

IMG_5254a (2)

IMG_5254a (3)

Later that evening we attended the Captain’s Circle cocktail party:


I think only guests who have sailed with Princess Cruises before get an invite (but I could be wrong)


We got our free drinks, joined the raffle (we didn’t win anything) and tried to mingle (not really). We shared a table with an old Japanese lady who Ezra had fun talking to since she’s trying to practice her Japanese. We learned that she was over 80 years old and cruising alone because she wants to see the world. I admire her independence but at the same time I wished her family was there with her.

As usual we had dinner at the Santa Fe dining hall. Afterwards, we decided to try watching Guardians of the Galaxy at the ship’s Movies Under the Stars. (We wanted to try it on our Alaskan cruise last year but it was way too cold back then)


The ship provided guests with free popcorn



We had to pass through the buffet room to get to the theater and I picked up a plate of pavlova on our way


The theater is right next to the pizza and burger bar, so my dad escaped to get a slice of pizza while we weren’t looking



It was still pretty cold that evening so the ship gave out free blankets to keep passengers warm.

We didn’t stay for the entire movie, we only watched about 20 minutes of it before deciding to head back to our rooms. You can actually watch the same movie on the TV in your room but we wanted to experience Movies Under the Stars once. However we didn’t want to risk catching a cold because of the chilly night air so we figured we should head indoors after a while.

That’s it for my entry on our very brief visit to Korea. I think we were only there for 6 hours, but we had a lot of fun and managed to cram many activities in that short amount of time 🙂 You can watch our vlog for this day below if you’re interested:


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