Week 3/52 : Snip!

After growing my hair for several years I decided it was time for me to go short again. I’ve been considering cutting my hair since last November, but I’ve been too scared. Finally I decided to just go ahead and have it chopped off. I love how it looks and how light it feels πŸ˜€

The last time my hair short was back in 2012 (which, coincidentally, was also my 3rd self portrait for that year). I had to cut it even shorter than this because of chemical damage from coloring and straightening. I loved my short hair at first but after a few months I started to regret cutting it and wished for my long hair back. I really hope that doesn’t happen this time.

Of course I took loads of photos with my new hair:

IMG_0942 copys

IMG_0954 copys

IMG_0976 copys

IMG_0985 copys

IMG_0991 copys

IMG_1007 copys

I know that my new hair isn’t that short, but look how long it was before:

I’m going to miss having extremely long hair but it’s time to embrace my new ‘do πŸ˜€


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