INSTABITS : January 2016

I finally found some free time to finish this entry. My first INSTABITS post for 2016 🙂

My first upload for the year were these selfies. Looking at them now kinda makes me miss my long hair

Since Ezra moved out, I figured that I can move the PS4 to my room. (I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize that.) Currently I’m playing Tomb Raider : Definitive Edition

I broke out after our Thailand trip (my skin always goes haywire when I travel) so Amie and I went to get facials at Flawless. This was what we looked right after – all red and swollen.

My officemates and I went biking around Sampaloc Lake one afternoon. It’s been a while since I rode a bike so I was pretty excited.

Sunset at Sampaloc Lake – so pretty

After our bike ride, we walked around and enjoyed the lake breeze

Amie and I borrowed Ma’am Chrys’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to take selfies one afternoon. S6’s selfie camera is <3. Perfect skin every time even without filters! I also love the wide angle lens. I’m seriously considering getting the S6 in the near future just to have this camera.

Instagrammables tambay. Strawberry slippers are ❤

Chops visited me one afternoon for a quick shoot. Afterwards we had milk tea at Bon Appetea

This was one of the shots he took of me

And these were some selfies I took while we were at Bon Appeatea

I had dinner one evening with Sir Marvs, Sir Taps and our SIRG students. This was the first time in about 2 1/2 years that I set foot inside Pizza Hut (SM Calamba branch) again. I had a terrible experience there back then and I’ve been avoiding it ever since.

My setup for my Week 2 self portrait. I swear I wasn’t summoning a demon!

It was Ma’am Chrys’s birthday last month. As a surprise, we held the first Ms. IMSP Universe coronation.

I managed to collect enough stickers to get the Starbucks planner (thanks Dustin for giving me your booklet XD), unfortunately they ran out of the green ones at SM Calamba. Sir Taps very kindly offered to pick one up for me at Starbucks Sto. Tomas 🙂 Thanks Sir!

I wanted my planner to be fun and colorful so I bought a bunch of stickers to brighten it up XD

I grabbed this from Amie’s IG. Selfie on our way to IRRI for brunch.

Pabebe wave (and a heart) from C201. (We had a photoshoot for our website and everyone was asked to wear yellow and black).

This year I decided to join “52 Weeks of 2016” on Flickr.  It’s been a while since I was active in a group there, but I was hoping that having weekly themes would help me stick to a schedule (so far I’ve already fallen behind T__T). I didn’t realize that there would also be weekly votings and I won best photo for the first week. What a great way to kick off my 52-week project this year!

Aside from the Galaxy S6, I’ve also been loving the iPhone 6s’s camera, so I’ve been borrowing Amie’s phone a lot this past month to take selfies XD

After much consideration, I finally decided to cut my hair. To a lot of people it’s not a huge change, but to me it is. Here’s a before and after shot at the parlor. Goodbye long hair. See you again in a few years.

I loved my long hair but short hair is so refreshing 😀 Here are some pabebe selfies with my pabebe hair.

Here’s another one which I took using Amie’s phone again

And here’s a photo from the side that Sir Taps took of me 🙂

UPLB’s 2nd Academic Leadership Conference was held on January 22-25 at Clark, Pampangga. The first ALC was for senior faculty members, and this one was for us junior faculty.  Here’s a group shot of the IMSP junior faculty members (plus Dr. Panopio) at the conference.

And here’s a group shot of some of the Physics faculty members during our lunch break on the 2nd day

We stayed at the Monte Vista Villas during the conference. Our villa was pretty far from the conference venue, and we had to rely on a shuttle to take us back and forth. We tried to look for a shortcut where we can just walk, but we ended up getting lost (and getting approached by security, yikes!). Here’s a shot that Amie took of Sir Taps, Rona and me while we were desperately trying to find a way out of the heat. (We wanted to show Sir Taps our villa but we ended up taking him on a wild goose chase XD)

This is photo evidence of how Sir Taps plays with Amie’s and my heart T__T

Here’s Sir Taps, Jason and I at the soccer field near our resort

I love this shot that Jason took of me 🙂

To wrap up this entry, here’s a picture of Gilbert and Iyah crossing the creek at the Makiling Botanic Gardens. They dropped by UPLB to look for places where they could have their pre-nup shoot. I showed them around campus and took them to the Botanic Gardens and the National Art Center. It was an exhausting day but we had a lot of fun.

That’s it for my January photo dump. It was an eventful month which I enjoyed a lot. Pretty good start for 2016 🙂


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