Hong Kong Disneyland

Last week some colleagues and I went to Hong Kong to attend a conference on Key Engineering Materials. Since we were already in the area we decided to also visit Disneyland 😀


We had an early flight which meant we had to leave our houses around 3am that day. Here’s Amie catching up on some sleep on the plane while Dustin and I took photos.


After about an hour and 50 minutes, we arrived in Hong Kong. Here’s Amie awake and making use of the free wifi at the airport.

After exchanging some money we looked for a travel agency inside the airport where we could buy tickets for Disneyland

DSC_1205a (3)

I guess they were promoting Toy Story Land which was why our tickets had Toy Story characters on them

DSC_1205a (1)

I packed my Minnie Mouse ears which I bought during my trip to Disney California Adventure back in 2014. I paid about $20 for this headband, so it’s going to be coming along with me on all Disney trips from now on. (Raffy does not look amused.)

We took a taxi from the airport to get to Disneyland since we were told it would be cheaper. We paid roughly 110 HKD per taxi, with an additional 5HKD per luggage. (The lady at the airport told us that if we took the Airport Express it would cost us about 70-80 HKD per person to get to the park.)

It was 14 degrees Celcius when we arrived in Hong Kong, which was colder than I expected. I even opened my luggage at the airport to dig around for second pair of leggings because I was worried my legs would freeze during the day.

DSC_1207 (5)

And yet Raffy refused to wear his jacket! He said we only had 4 days to cherish the cold weather before we had to go back to the Philippines’ tropical heat. (Which is true. I’m sweating profusely even now as I’m typing this.)


Hello Hong Kong Disneyland!



Since we came straight from the airport, some of us still had our luggage. (Raffy and I left our bags with Ninang and my parents since they would be heading straight to our hotel.)

DSC_1228a (1)

We were so excited that we look loads of pictures even before we made it into the park XD



DSC_1238a (3)

Before heading inside, we looked for the luggage valet where we could store our bags so we wouldn’t have to lug them around the whole day.

Raffy found his first Disneyland attraction right next to the luggage valet:


Ta-dah! Disneyland toilets! XD

Finally after several more photos, we made it inside the park,where we were welcomed by the iconic Mickey Mouse landscaping in front of the Disneyland train station:

DSC_1254a (1)

Where we of course took more photos XD


We strolled along Main Street looking for a place to eat while (surprise surprise) taking even more pictures

DSC_1273a (1)



DSC_1273a (2)

DSC_1294a (3)



This was where my 10th self portrait this year was taken


DSC_1254a (3)

We found a Baymax egg! (They had lots of these egg characters around the park. I’m not sure if it’s in anticipation of Easter or if they’re permanent displays.)


We also found a marching band 😀


Eventually we came across the Starliner Diner in Tomorrowland where we decided to have our lunch.




Cute Mickey Mouse rice. Can you believe this meal costs about 700PHP?! I know that food is always expensive inside a theme park, but still! Back in college my weekly allowance was only 500PHP!

After eating we walked around to look for some rides.


We found this rocket thing next to the cafeteria. It was pretty cold and getting soaked by the mist didn’t help, but we endured it for the sake of some pictures XD


We decided to go on the train first so we could see the whole park:

DSC_1338a (1)

DSC_1338a (2)

DSC_1339 (4)

DSC_1339 (5)

After this we went on the Jungle River Cruise:


Then we dropped by Grizzly Gulch, which they designed to look like an old mining town from the American Wild West:


DSC_1369 (1)

DSC_1369 (6)

DSC_1369 (7)

DSC_1369 (9)

We rode the Runaway Mine Cars, which turned out to be our favorite ride in the park.


They had a separate line for single riders. We joked that since we were all single, we should line up here instead XD

We also dropped by the Mystic Manor. I thought it was going to be some sort of boring kiddie ride, but I enjoyed it a lot!

DSC_1382 (1)


I think this is Hong Kong Disneyland’s counterpart to the Haunted Mansion in Anaheim. However this was more playful and colorful. I also loved the trackless carts because it kept us unaware of which direction the ride will take us next, which was fun.

DSC_1383a (3)

Of course we had to go on It’s a Small World. Who goes to Disneyland without getting on this iconic ride, right?

DSC_1383a (4)

DSC_1383a (5)


Excited Raffy and Dustin

Afterwards we went on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups:



I was still a bit dizzy from Space Mountain so I asked Raffy and Marco not to spin the teacup – which of course meant they spun it as fast as they could as soon as the ride started.

DSC_1339 (10)

We passed by the Dumbo ride while walking around, but we decided not to go on it. I remember that Ezra and I queued up for over an hour for this ride back when we visited Disney World many years ago XD


Raffy found another toilet! This one looks much nicer 😀

There was a parade around Main Street at around 3pm, so we made sure to catch that:




Next we dropped by Toy Story Land, which was designed to make us feel like we transformed into little toys:







Raffy, Marco, Sir Emman and I went on the RC Racer. It looks really scary at first, but it was actually a lot of fun. It probably would have been my favorite ride that day if it wasn’t so short.

It was getting very cold after this, so we decided to head back to the Starliner Diner to grab some snacks and warm up a bit. (They also had free wifi there XD). At around 7pm we secured a spot on Main Street so we would have a good view of the Paint the Night Parade at 7:30. Needless to say it was even colder at this time. Raffy took pity on me and gave me his jacket (even though I assured him I was fine).


He kept himself warm by pretending it was scorching hot and cooled himself down with his drink XD


Dustin trying to stay warm despite his ripped jeans


Sleeping Beauty’s castle at night

After the parade we looked around the gift shops while waiting for the fireworks display. Just like with the parade, we grabbed a good spot early on so we would have a nice view – or so we thought. The minute the fireworks started four girls who were sitting on the benches in front of us decided to stand up and block our view. Rude! Which is why I don’t have any pictures or videos of the fireworks. Afterwards we decided to leave since we still had to find our way to our respective hotels. The lady at the information booth suggested that we take the MTR to Wan Chai station and just walk from there.


The Disney train was so cute 😀




We thought it would cost us about 100HKD to get to Wan Chai but the train fare was only 28HKD. Their train system was also very organized so we made it to Wan Chai station very easily. Once we got to the station, that’s when things started to go downhill. The guard at the station told us we could just walk to our hotel, but I guess he didn’t notice that we were hauling around huge bags, or that it was starting to rain. He also failed to mention that a good part of the walk would be uphill, which made it very difficult. There came a point when we decided to give up and just hail a cab, but the cab driver told us we were already close to the hotel and that we should just walk the rest of the way T__T Eventually Raffy and I made it to our hotel and we said goodbye to the rest of the group (because they were staying at a different hotel) … or so we thought. It turned out that there was a Cosmopolitan Hotel and a Cosmo Hotel right next to each other! Of course we didn’t know this, so when we saw Cosmo Hotel, we figured that was where Ninang and my parents were. My dad texted me earlier that day that they would be in Room 808, so we proceeded to head there and knock – only to be met with an annoyed older woman who we probably woke up (it was around 11pm by this time, and she had her “privacy please” sign on the door … whoops!) Raffy and I went to the lobby to ask if we were in the right hotel, and they informed us that the Cosmopolitan Hotel was actually next door T__T  Sorry old lady, we didn’t mean to disturb your sleep. Anyway, Raffy and I eventually found the right room in the right hotel. We didn’t have a bathtub so we took a long hot shower to warm ourselves up after walking at night in the rain before going to bed.

Despite the weird end to our night, I had a great day 😀  I’ve already edited the vlog from our Disneyland trip (even though Ezra has been requesting that I finish our Japan and US vlogs first). You can watch it below if you’re interested:

(Unfortunately it won’t play on mobile devices because the music is copyrighted)


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