INSTABITS : February 2016

March is almost over and I realized I haven’t finished editing this entry. Whoops. It’s been a busy month.

First post for February was this picture of Amie and me posing with some flowers that Ma’am Rose got for her NASC3 class.

Friday selfie 🙂

Some officemates and I went to Sampaloc Lake one afternoon to go bike riding. We did this back in January too, but since we arrived late back then, we only had a few minutes to ride before the sun set. This time we went much earlier.

Dustin took this shot of me while we were enjoying the view of the lake

Of course we took lots of pictures around the lake 🙂

Enjoying the cool breeze

I asked Jason to help me out with my 52-week project last month and he ended up taking my 5th self portrait for this year. This was another shot he took that night.

I grabbed this from Dustin’s IG. This was taken on the first day of the February Fair, which was also Sir Marvs’s birthday

I ordered Moonleaf at the fair and this was my cup’s lid. “There was never an us” – OUCH!

After pigging out at the fair, we went to Dalcielo to celebrate Sir Marvs’ birthday

I ordered a few wigs from eBay and they arrived last month. Mochi looks excited.

This one’s my favorite out of the four that arrived

C201 roomies at the UPLB Feb Fair

Chops visited LB one Saturday and I showed him around the fair. We bumped into Sir Taps and Jerome there.

Of course I ordered another Moonleaf drink and grabbed the chance to take a photo with this adorable Moonleaf car

Jump dropped by the Feb Fair too. Unfortunately Chops had to leave early so they didn’t see each other.

Apparently my bunny is part Wolverine. I got these battle scars one night when I tried to put him back in his cage,

Rona invited a few of us from the office to attend her church’s Exchange of Hearts event. They decorated the floor with little paper hearts so of course I had to take a shoefie.

The following two photos are screencaps of some quotes from Tarryn Fisher’s book, F*ck Love. It was my favorite book for February.

Jason, Dustin and I went to the National Art Center one afternoon for a fun shoot. I had a great time and ended up with lots of great shots 🙂 You can view the photos HERE.

We lost power in our office building one morning so Dustin and I headed to the UPLB Library to work there. We encountered some interesting wifi connections while we were there XD (Another one popped up a while later – “Jamie’s iPhone 8s” LOL)

That wraps up February’s Instagram photo dump. This entry’s going up so late that in in about a week I’ll be writing my entry for March already.


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