Hong Kong 2016

As I mentioned in my Hong Kong Disneyland blog entry, some colleagues and I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago to attend a conference on Key Engineering Materials. The last time I was in Hong Kong was back in 1994, so I was pretty excited.


The conference was organized by the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) and was held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai



Here’s a group photo of the participants that my dad took. He dropped by the conference to pay for the tour just as we were setting up for group photos, so he grabbed the chance to take a shot.  (The conference fee included a one-day tour. Family members of participants may join but they have to pay 50USD per person.)

We didn’t really take that many photos during the conference (I didn’t bring my DSLR, just my Vixia), but here are a couple which are mostly from my phone (and a few from Dustin’s camera)


Morning break tea/coffee with Dustin and Marco


I thought their mugs/glasses were pretty interesting


I wasn’t able to take a decent shot of my lunch but here’s what I had for dessert. I forgot what the jelly thing is called, but the other one is obviously a blueberry cheesecake. It was *so* good. It was really cold when they served it so I felt like I was eating ice cream.

That afternoon we had parallel sessions. Here are some shots I took of Amie, Dustin and Marco during their talks (they were in different sessions).




I love how Marco promoted the Philippines at the end of his presentation (under Sir Marvs’s orders of course)


Marco won an award for one of the best papers in the conference yay! 😀


Here’s Amie looking so relieved that her presentation went smoothly


Dustin looks chill as always. I’ve never seen him get nervous for a presentation.

DSC_1551a (1)

Our session ended early so we were one of the firsts to go on afternoon coffee break

That evening we decided to explore a bit around the Wan Chai area. My mom suggested that we go to Times Square, a big shopping mall just a short walk away.

DSC_1551a (3)

Inside Times Square

DSC_1551a (4)

Outside Times Square


And here’s another shot we took outside with the street lights.

We ended up walking to Causeway Bay but we didn’t stay out very late because Amie needed to study, plus we had to get up early for our tour the next day

This is the view from our hotel window. That red circle shows the entrance to the underpass that Amie and the others have to cross to get to our hotel (they stayed at a different hotel just nearby).


I was standing by the window that morning and actually saw them walking from their hotel, so I took a few paparazzi shots.



(Hooray for zoom lenses XD)

We assembled at our hotel lobby where our tour guide and bus driver picked us up shortly

IMG_2211a (4)a

Our bus driver seems to be a huge comic book fan. He had all these collectibles on his dashboard


I especially loved these cutie little Iron Men


We stopped right in front of this sign:)

The first location our guide brought us to was the Avenue of Stars, which had a great view of Victoria Harbour

IMG_2225a (10)a

IMG_2225a (11)a

IMG_2225a (3)

IMG_2248a (1)

The Garden of Stars is another name for the place


In a sense it’s like the Hollywood of Hong Kong

IMG_2235a (4)a

There were handprints of famous stars there

As well as a mural of famous Hong Kong celebrities

IMG_2235a (5)

IMG_2235a (6)a

We found Bruce Lee


And had some fun with him

IMG_2235a (2)

IMG_2235a (3)

IMG_2235a (1)

IMG_2235a (4)

There were other statues there that you can pose with:

IMG_2248a (8)

After this our guide took us to have lunch, where I proceeded to spill shrimp all over my dress T__T


Three hungry bears

IMG_2261a (2)

The food was pretty good, I especially liked the pork they served us

Our next stop was Victoria Peak. Unfortunately we didn’t go all the way to the top.


The view was still pretty impressive despite being obscured by some trees




IMG_2297a (10)

IMG_2240a (2)

Then we went to Repulse Bay where there were a few Chinese shrines

IMG_2297a (4)



A friendly reminder for Dustin XD

IMG_2318a (1)


Kwun Yam Shrine


This was where my 12th self portrait this year was taken

IMG_2334a (2)

Behind us you can see the Longevity Bridge which people cross for long life



IMG_2347a (2)

After crossing the bride you’ll see this golden fish and you can throw coins in its mouth for prosperity. It’s much harder than it looks because it has a very shallow mouth. Sometimes the coin would go in and jump back out. But I did see a lady who successfully managed to get a coin in.

Some photos around the area that Dustin took of me:




I call this my Carmi Dumpty photo


It was 2pm, supposedly the hottest time of day (according to K-pop, lol), but it was only 17 degrees


There was a beach there, but of course no one went swimming

There was also a shopping mall called The Pulse, unfortunately we didn’t have time to go inside.



We found an awesome graffiti wall with a word cloud



It was the perfect place for a self portrait for my 52-week project but I didn’t get the chance to have a photo taken because we were literally running after our tour guide. We got left behind because we made a quick bathroom break.

Our next stop was the Exhibition Center which houses the Golden Bauhinia


IMG_2426a (5)


It’s a commemorative structure given by the Chinese government when Hong Kong was “returned” to them back in 1997.

IMG_2432a (1)

IMG_2432a (4)

The International Commerce Center – tallest building in Hong Kong

After this our guide took us back to our hotel. Just in time too because we were getting quite cold and hungry. We rested for a bit and had a few snacks before a few of us decided to go out again to go shopping for pasalubong.


Hong Kong street markets

I didn’t really buy much, but I did but I did pick up some cute socks and stickers:

I also bought some pasalubong for the office and a few interesting snacks from 7-11 which Raffy and I had fun tasting back at the hotel:

We vlogged of course, which you can watch below:

Our stay in Hong Kong was short but I had a lot of fun. I’m really glad that my parents, Ninang and Raffy were able to come with me last minute. After everything, this conference turned out to be a blessing and came at the perfect time 🙂


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