INSTABITS : March 2016

It’s already May, and I should be posting my April Instabits entry, but last month was kind of crazy so I never got around to finishing my March entry. I was late in posting my February entry too because my uncle (on my dad’s side) lost his battle with cancer on March 6. The family was grieving and we were pretty busy so I wasn’t in the mood to blog. I thought I would be able to catch up this month, but another uncle (on my mom’s side this time) died from a cardiac arrest on April 17. Needless to say, the past two months were rough for our family. But we’re fortunate enough to have received plenty of love and support from the people around us, and we’re now doing our best to move forward.

Anyway, here’s my Instagram dump for March.

This was another wig I ordered from eBay back in January. It’s a lot more orange than I expected, but that can easily be changed in Photoshop.

I learned that Sony assigns different controller colors for different players on the PS4. Player 1 is blue, Player 2 gets red, Player 3 gets green and Player 4 gets pink. I wish I had the option to just be pink all the time. How often do you play a game that requires 4 players??

A student gave me this lovely rose for International Women’s Day 🙂 Thanks Gladys!

As mentioned in a few previous blog entries, I went to Hong Kong last month with some colleagues for a conference. Here’s a shot of Amie, Dustin and me on the plane.

I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and this was the view from my room.

On the way to the airport I realized that I didn’t pack my flat iron (because I used it before leaving and I was letting it cool down on the bed before putting it in my luggage, but due to the rush I forgot about it.) Fortunately I had my curling iron with me. I’ve used my flat iron to curl my hair many times before, but this was the first time I had to straighten my hair using my curling iron. I didn’t think it would work XD

Group photo of the conference participants

UPLB pips during afternoon coffee break at ICKEM 🙂 (More photos from the conference HERE.)

The conference room floor had an interesting pattern so I took a shoefie 🙂

That evening we walked around the area and ended up at Times Square Hong Kong

To get back to our hotel, Raffy and I had to cross this underground tunnel. Since it was late, there weren’t a lot of people around so we ended up taking some photos for fun.

Our conference included a one-day tour. One of our stops was Repulse Bay Beach.

Humpty Dumpty at Repulse Bay

Of course we couldn’t go to Hong Kong without visiting Disneyland 😀

Dustin took this shot of me strolling around Main Street

I didn’t really go shopping in Hong Kong, but I did buy these cute stickers at a stationery stall we passed on the street

And these cute socks from the night market

Raffy and I had fun trying interesting snacks we saw. I was pleasantly surprised by the rice drink. I wonder if they sell them here in the Philippines?

For the first time ever, I went with my parents on their Visita Iglesia last Holy Week (mostly because my aunt wouldn’t take no for an answer). We visited 7 churches and ended up at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan for a very late lunch. Some of the churches we visited had beautiful floors, so I took shoefies throughout the day.

Matcha madness! A friend went to Japan and gave me these as pasalubong. The Royce chocolate is to die for! Thanks Raf!

During Holy Week, Raffy and Ninang stayed with us. Raffy and I had fun playing the zombie mode in Call of Duty, even though we never got very far (mostly because I’m terrified of zombies and end up dying all the time).

Here’s an outtake of my 11th self portrait. I used my orange wig but I changed it to brown in my self portrait, and to pink for this outtake.

Cousins in black.

Selfie on our way to the Good Friday procession. Look at those chubby cheeks XD

I woke up one morning to find out that my car had a flat tire. The scary part is when I took it to the shop, they found the hole on the side of the tire, not at the bottom, which means it may have been intentional. Some people just have nothing better to do I suppose.

That’s a wrap on my March Instabits. I’ll start working on my April entry ASAP so hopefully I’ll be able to finish that before this month ends XD


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