INSTABITS : April 2016

Ola! A third of 2016 is already over! We’re now entering May, and it’s a big month for me. May 2015 came with some unexpected life changes, and I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Anyway, April was a pretty eventful month. As I mentioned in my last Instabits entry it was a little rough for our family, having to deal with the loss of a loved one. But thankfully we did have our share of good memories too.

Ninang had to return to California last month so we went to SM Marikina to have lunch with her and Raffy before her flight. We ate at Seafood Island, which is popular for their boodle fights.

After our meal at Seafood Island, we went to Gong Cha to try their famous Milk Wintermelon Tea. The milk tea addict in me is ashamed to admit that I’ve never tried Gong Cha before, despite its popularity. It was pretty good and I’m having a hard time deciding if I like Gong Cha or Dakasi better.

On our way home from Marikina we stopped by SM Calamba. I was tempted to drop by Dakasi and order my usual Okinawa milk tea but I decided to stick with the day’s theme of trying something new so I opted for this Cake Milk Tea from Lemon Baby intsead. The guy at the counter told me it was their best seller. The yellow thing is supposed to be “cake cream” but it tasted suspiciously like butter. I could feel the calories with every sip, eek. The drink was alright, but I think I’m going to be sticking with Dakasi from now on.

I downloaded MSQRD last month and my officemates and I had fun playing around with the filters

One of my favorite past times at the office is spamming Amie’s phone with my selfies, mostly because the iPhone’s camera is 100 times better than my Sony Xperia Z’s. But I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it has an AWESOME camera, so I don’t have to keep stealing her phone to appease my vanity.

Sir Marvs, Sir Taps and I decided to try a new Korean restaurant last month. It was fun grilling the meat, but the food was mediocre. If I want good, authentic Korean food I would stick with Kimbap or Seoul Kitchen.

After our Korean bbq, we stopped by Moonleaf for some milk tea. Sir Taps decided to order the exact drink as me and told the girl at the counter that his name was Carmelo.

Ezra sent me this. She’s trying to convince me that my bunny is just a corgi in disguise. I say he’s more of a wolverine (photo proof : HERE).  This picture of Mochi was taken when he was only about a month old, look how small and adorable he is XD

My parents and I watched Les Miserables last month. We were sitting in the theater waiting for the show to start when I turn to see that my mom is checking exams! That’s one dedicated teacher. Who brings exams to the theater???

The NASC3 cluster had its field trip to Enchanted Kingdom last month. I took this shot from the Ferris wheel. I wish I could say I had a magical day, but this was also when I got a call from my dad telling me that my uncle died of a heart attack, one day after his birthday. It was such a shock to everyone because he was perfectly fine that morning. He even picked my parents up at our house earlier that day to drop them off at the library since I wasn’t around that day.

My dear baby sister celebrated her birthday last month. I made this collage for her as a present. This is the first time I’m not celebrating her birthday with her and that makes me sad, but at least I know that she’s happy in California.

Ezra’s and Kurt’s birthdays are only a day apart, which means he celebrated his birthday last month as well. I also made a collage for him because he’s my favorite brother in law XD

My uncle was cremated on the 21st. After the ceremony Lance invited us all to 88 Resort to have lunch. (Ezra’s making a fuss because my mom commented on Facebook about how this was the first time the Tan clan was in complete attendance XD Don’t worry Ez, Raffy’s standing in for you in this shot.)

Sir Taps, Sir Marvs, Dustin and I had merienda/early dinner at Breakfast All Day, and I tried their freak shake which was pretty good.

I joined my first fun run last month – the Across Borders IV Neon Night Run. I even got my parents and Raffy to join. The funny thing was that Camille was the one who invited us all to this event, but in the end she wasn’t able to make it because she got called away for a surgery hours before the event was supposed to start. #doctorslife

Captain America : Civil War premiered here in the Philippines last April 27. The UPLB Chemical Kinetics Society hosted a block screening event so a friend and I decided to go last minute. I’m so glad we did because it was amazing!

Our NASC3 students had their cooking challenge last week which meant that I got to try all sorts of different food again. In one of my sections I assigned mango as the special ingredient and one group made these mango s’mores 🙂

Aprille and I found these colorful Magnum ice cream bars at Ministop. She tried the chocolate and caramel while I went for the chocolate and raspberry – which I enjoyed a lot.

The Physics Division hosted a workshop on selected topics in Physics for high school teachers last April 27-29. We had 32 participants from 14 schools around San Pablo City.

The summer workshop team (well, part of it). Congratulations on the successful event guys 😀

Last weekend I finally got to try Din Tai Fung. It opened here in the Philippines last December (if I’m not mistaken), but I didn’t get the chance to go to Megamall until recently.

I finally got to try the their famous xiao long bao.  Yummm~ We ordered 10 pieces and I ate 6 of them without realizing it, whoops.

Of course for “dessert” we had (surprise surprise) milk tea. I ordered the milk wintermelon tea from Gong Cha again since I enjoyed it the first time 😀

I just realized that almost half of my posts last month involved food, and about a fifth of it was milk tea related. Perhaps I should start cutting back on it, maybe then I wouldn’t have to run so much on the treadmill XD Anyway, I really hope that things start looking up for us this May. It’s going to be a busy month since classes are ending in three weeks. I’ve got a huge stack of quizzes and lab reports at the office waiting to be checked *shudders*


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