INSTABITS : May 2016

June’s here. Many students will be returning to school this month, while here we are, just barely done with the second semester. Final exams and the deadline of grades are over, but we still have the removals to deal with.

This month’s Instabits entry is comprised mostly of selfies. For that I apologize in advance. As I mentioned in last month’s post, I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and I am in love with its camera, especially the front facing one.

Bunny kisses ❤ Because the S7 has a wide angle front facing camera, I can now easily take selfies with Mochichi. He doesn’t look too happy but he’s learned to deal with it.

Earlier in the month we had a Physics seminar by Dr. Ian Vega about gravitational waves. His talk was entitled “Einstein and the Music of the Spheres”.

The first of my many random/vain selfies this month

Raffy visited us in LB and we took him to have dinner at Seoul Kitchen. (Shot these using the S7’s food mode. Look at that awesome DOF :D)

I posted this for Mother’s Day. This was taken last summer when we went to Vegas (blog entry to follow). Mama looks so happy to be in a shoe.

Ezra sent me this on Viber. She found it on 9gag and according to her this is totally us. I wholeheartedly agree! XD (She’s the brown bunny of course.)

May 9 was our national election and this is my obligatory “I voted” selfie XD

I was craving for some Moonleaf one day, but they were closed so I decided to try Super Cup. Their servings are HUGE! It took me all day to finish this!

Another vain selfie. I’m wearing Sir Taps’s favorite hat in this one.

My parents celebrated their 32nd anniversary this year so I posted this for them. After 32 years they are very much still in love and still very fond of travelling. They have made me believe in love over and over again and I feel blessed to have witnessed their perfect partnership growing up 😀

For their anniversary dinner we went to Ding Hao. We were extremely hungry and ordered way too much food for the three of us.

Surprise! Another selfie! XD This one was taken at the office in between checking quizzes.

Matchy-matchy at the office. Sir Taps texted me one morning that Ma’am Chrys was wearing jeans, a striped shirt and white sneakers. I did my best to recreate her look, unfortunately the only pair of sneakers I own were dark blue.

Finally got to try The Boiling Seafood earlier this month. Everything was so yummy, I give it two thumbs ups! 😀 I found it interesting how you can choose to order one cup of rice, or have it unli. They called their servings “single” and “forever”. We couldn’t decide if we wanted one cup or unli so the waiter says “Pwede naman po single muna, tapos kung nagustuhan nyo, gawin ng forever” XD  (Gusto sana namin itanong pano kung napili namin ang forever, pero hindi pala namin kaya, pwede ba maging single nalang ulit?)

After dinner at The Boiling Seafood we walked around ATC and I found this awesome Gryffindor shirt! 🙌🙌🙌

I went with Amie to UPD this month to pick up my transcript and diploma. We met up with Raf, who very kindly drove us to all the buildings we needed to get to in his awesome new car. Thanks Raf!  Afterwards we hung around at the Sunken Garden. I studied at UPD for 3 years but I never got to spend time here, until this afternoon.
Classes ended on May 20 and I took class photos with my lab/recit sections because I’m definitely going to miss all of them. Here’s Physics 3 E7L.


Physics 1 CD1L 🙂

NASC3 UV3R 🙂 Congratulations on placing 3rd in the project competition! 👏👏👏

NASC3 F4R. Congratulations for placing 2nd and winning the Best Song Award 🙂

And lastly Physics 1 CD5L 🙂

(Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo with my APhy 104 class. But most of them are APhy majors so I’ll still be seeing them around next semester.)

Because I enjoyed The Boiling Seafood so much, I wanted to try more shrimp restaurants near me. We found Shrimp Bucket in Nuvali and ordered their Salty Eggsperience. It was alright, but I like The Boiling Seafood’s sauce more. Plus, eating shrimps with gloves on is just not the same as eating with your bare hands.

Look! My hair turned brown and grew overnight! Just kidding~ I ordered another wig from eBay and it arrived a few weeks ago. (But I really did have hair this long and this brown back in 2010.)

Raffy’s US immigrant visa finally got approved after nine long years. We dropped him off at the airport and he’s now happily reunited with his mom in California. I’m officially the last Garcia cousin in the Philippines, waaaaaah!!!

Ta-dah! Another selfie XD  Took this after an extremely stressful yet productive day at the office. I experienced a crazy mix of emotions from the moment I woke up, but everything worked out in the end 😀

My parents and I were at MOA last week and we tried Ramen Nagi for the first time. It was pretty good 😀

You must be getting sick of my face by now, but this is the last selfie for this entry, I promise. I just really love how wide the S7’s front facing camera is. You could practically see my whole body, and this is just me holding the phone at arm’s length. This shot would never have been possible on my old Xperia Z.

For my last post of the month, here’s some shabu shabu I had at ATC last weekend. I haven’t had shabu shabu in years, and this was pretty good 😀
I can’t believe we’re officially in the second half of 2016. May was a very stressful and eventful month, and I’m glad it’s finally over. I guess I should be thankful that I had a lot to deal with this month, because it prevented me from dwelling on things that happened a year ago. Anyway, I realize that most of my post in this entry consisted of food or my face. I promise I’ll try to add some variety for my next entry XD

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