Week 21/52 : Bungisngis

The girls and I had our annual beach trip this weekend (vlog to follow). We’re down to three this year – Moy migrated to Australia last year and Camille had a family event to attend. Moy usually drives us on our outings, but since she wasn’t around the role of barkada driver was passed on to me. This was my first time driving to Laiya, and only my second time driving a distance that long. Achievement definitely unlocked!

Since I’ve fallen behind on my 52-week project, I asked Aprille and Brinks to help me catch up. They took loads of photos of me, and now I have a lot to choose from, hooray 😀 Aprille brought this giant lifesaver with her and she let me use it as a prop for my photo. She also took this photo, which I love because of how happy I look. Believe it or not my hair was an absolute mess in the original shot (because it was so windy), but I painstakingly fixed it in Photoshop. It took forever to clone out the wayward hair strands but I love the final result so it was worth it.

For those who don’t speak Tagalog, “bungisngis” means laughter or laughing (I’m not really sure if it’s a noun or a verb). But not just any normal laugh, usually we use it to refer to the giggling kind of laugh or smile that you can’t control.


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