INSTABITS : June 2016

Hello July! It’s rainy season now in the Philippines, but some days still feel like summer because it’s so hot.

I had lunch at Seoul Kitchen with some colleagues last month. I ordered the pork kalbi steak, which is still as good as the first time I had it.

Since classes and exams are over, my friends and I celebrated by going to Laiya. With Moy in Australia, I’ve been promoted as barkada driver. I’m not used to driving long distances so this was a big milestone for me 😀

We tried looking for a new resort to visit but we somehow still ended up at Virgin Beach Resort. We really like this place because it’s beautiful and not too crowded.

Beach essentials 🙂 The lifesaver belongs to Aprille and I borrowed the hat from my mom.

Ahh summer~

It rained while we were at the beach but this beautiful rainbow appeared and made everything better 🙂

The wigs I ordered from eBay arrived last month. I can’t wait to use them for my self portraits.

I took this photo of the UPLB Freedom Park after a nice afternoon run with Camille

During our run, Camille and I talked about how we loved The Boiling Seafood, so that weekend a friend and I tried to kidnap her and JR on our way to ATC. Unfortunately it was a fail because they weren’t even home at the time. But I called her and as soon as I mentioned The Boiling Seafood they agreed to meet us there for lunch anyway 😀

I had lunch at Cafe Antonio with Sir Taps, Sir Marlon, Sir Marvs and Sir Stephen after last month’s University Council Meeting. I usually order their beef lengua but this time I decided to give their lime-baked fish filet a try. It was pretty good, but I prefer the lengua 😀

Mochi has been having seizures lately so I took him to the UPLB Veterinary Teaching Hospital for his first check up. The doctor tested him for mites/parasites but she didn’t find any so she suggested it might be because of his diet. She thinks I’ve probably been feeding him too many pellets and not enough veggies.

So as soon as we got home I gave him a HUGE pile of kang kong which he happily devoured. So far it seems to be working, he hasn’t had another seizure since I changed his diet.

I posted this photo for Father’s Day. It was taken when my parents and I went to Cintai last October for my mom’s birthday.

My cousin Gilbert got married last month. He and Iyah have been together for ten years and they finally decided to tie the knot. Congratulations guys!

Ninang arrived here in the Philippines on the 21st to take care of some documents that Raffy wasn’t able to finish before he had to leave for California. She brought these adorable hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. I chose the Limoncello one which smells heavenly~

Last month Camille introduced me to Althea, an online shop where you can buy Korean beauty products. I checked it out and discovered that their prices are usually lower than if I were to pick up these items up at the mall, so I decided to purchase a few things. I have way too much makeup already so I decided to go with skin care products. It took about 2 weeks for the items to arrive after I paid for them. I bought 5 things – Nightingale’s Daily Derma Toner, Missha’s Time Revolution First Essence, Onsaemeen’s Yogurt Peeling Mask, Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Skinfood’s Black Sugar Scrub. So far I’ve only tried the daily derma toner and the clay mask because I have sensitive skin and I don’t want to introduce my face to a bunch of new products all at once. I love the clay mask, but the toner is just so-so. Camille keeps telling me to try the black sugar scrub because it’s supposedly really good so I’m probably going to be testing that next.

IMSP held a testimonial program for our graduates on the 24th. Here’s me with Lean, one of my advisees who graduated this year 😀

UPLB had its 44th Commencement Exercise on the 25th. For the first time in a long time it was held in the morning. Graduates had to assemble at 4:30am because the graduation march was scheduled to start at 6am.

A friend of mine finished their graduate studies this year so I decided to drop by during the event. I spent my time hanging out with Brinky-doodle, who was also there because her youngest brother finished college this year. Congrats Jiro!

The graduation program ended at 2pm. Finding a place to eat afterwards was extremely difficult because all the restaurants near LB were full. We ended up having to go to Ted’s all the way over in Sta. Cruz (which was still pretty packed).

Moy and Ige got married on May 9 in Australia, but they decided to have their church wedding here in the Philippines on July 1. The girls and I had a little get-together and prepared a simple bridal shower for her. Congratulations Moy! 😀

I got bored one afternoon so I decided to work on my makeup skills. This look was inspired by the Igari makeup (AKA “hangover makeup”) trend from Japan. This was attempt #2 because my first one ended with me looking like I got punched in both eyes.


I enjoyed June a lot because we’re currently in our mid-year break, which means I have a lot more free time these days. I’ve been using most of it to catch up on sleep because for some reason I’ve been getting sick a lot these past weeks. I’ve started taking multi-vitamins so hopefully that helps. I guess it’s the change in weather, flu season is officially here. My dad even had to stay at the hospital for 5 days this month because his flu triggered an asthma attack and he had to be treated for pneumonia. The doctor recommended all of us to get flu and pneumonia shots since we would be travelling later this month and getting sick on vacation is never fun T__T


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