INSTABITS : August 2016

Olaaaa~ September’s halfway over so I’m late again as usual.  I apologize, it’s been busy these past few weeks. September’s proving to be an awesome month. Let’s hope it stays that way 😀

Anyway, here’s my Instagram dump for August:

In my previous Instabits I mentioned that I went on a Mediterranean cruise towards the end of July (read blog entry HERE), which lasted until the first few days of August. There was a second champagne waterfall on the ship but we decided not to join because we were already quite happy with our photos from the first one. However we did drop by the Piazza to enjoy the free drinks and canapes.

Our cruise made another stop at Mykonos, which I was super happy about since I absolutely loved this place. We didn’t sign up for a tour this time since we wanted to explore the place ourselves.

I think I liked Mykonos so much because I found my prince charming there XD (This was a late post from our first visit)

Our cruise also took us back to Montenegro, where we walked around Old Town and took lots of photos.

Towards the second half of our cruise we found ourselves at the jogging track on the 18th floor of the ship. We figured since we’ve been eating too much we should make the effort to walk here every night. It would have been nice to run but unfortunately I didn’t bring running shoes with me.

One of my favorite features of the Royal Princess was the glass SeaWalk on the 16th floor.

Our last day of the cruise took us to Palermo, Sicily, where we visited two cathedrals

I love this family photo we took during the ship’s 2nd formal evening. I posted this to say thank you to my parents for giving me a wonderful cruise experience 😀

I though that once I got back to the Philippines my eating habits would return to normal, but one text from Camille and I forget about my diet. This is us at Data Bites for some dessert. Prior to this we were at Army Navy pigging out on quesadillas and tacos.

Two days later we found ourselves at Wing Stop in Nuvali

It was my first time at Wing Stop, but I definitely have to go back because I loved their honey bbq wings

After lunch we headed over to Starbucks for something sweet

Another exciting thing that happened last month was me trying archery for the first time. Raf took me to the archery range near his house and I had a great time pretending to be Katniss. (To be more specific, Katniss when she was young and learning to hold a bow for the first time :p)

Afterwards we went for warm drinks because it was raining pretty hard that day

The new semester started last month so it was back to work for all of us. To detox we had some Japanese food for lunch one day.

Sir Taps went to Japan just before the semester started and he bought this for our cubicle doorway. I told him that if his plan was to scare away our students, then there’s a good chance it will work.

I watched Suicide Squad last month. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I though I would, but I did love the soundtrack – especially the song Heathens XD  (This photo was actually taken in July but I only remembered to post it after I saw the movie.)

A friend convinced me to start playing Pokemon, so I spent a lot of time last month trying to catch them. This was taken during one of my Pokemon hunts in the forest. I was half expecting to run into a real Ekans but fortunately they stayed away :p

Camille celebrated her birthday last month. She needed a photographer/videographer for a shoot that she organized with her doctor friends, so she asked me if I was available. The shoot took place inside the operating rooms of the Philippine General Hospital, so I had to wear scrubs, shoe covers, a mask, and a hairnet. Camille promised there would be no blood (since I get queasy at the sight), but she lieeeed!

But overall, I did have fun. Who would have thought I would enjoy the operating room? (The fact that I went in as a photographer rather than a patient probably had a lot to do with it XD)

So many syringes! O_O I’ve got your medicine ready! Trust me, I’m a doctor (in my dreams XD)

Since Camille’s and my birthdays are only two weeks apart, we decided to have a joint celebration right in the middle. We organized a staycation with the girls at Crimson Hotel in Alabang. (You can view our crazy vlog HERE).

Cheers! Thanks for the wine Aprille! 🎉🍷🍾

View of Alabang from our room the following morning

We had breakfast at the hotel before getting ready to go swimming

Drama queens XD

One of my favorite places to eat is The Boiling Seafood in ATC. So after Dustin’s final exam in DLSU we went there to celebrate. I’m happy they loved it as much as I did the first time I went there. Good friends, good food, good times 👌

Afterwards we dropped by Starbucks before heading home. This photo of us makes me laugh. Technology – bringing friends closer together XD

August was a busy month but it was definitely great. I was able to try new things, eat lots of good food and spend time with people I care about. I was also able to get a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as well as The Runaway King – the 2nd book in the Ascension Trilogy.  Hopefully someday I’ll be able to get my hands on the entire set. I tried looking for it at the Manila Book Fair yesterday but no luck. Maybe I’ll try eBay next.


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