Laiya 2016 with Baks

Last June the girls and I had our annual beach outing. I’ve posted some of the photos we took on Instagram and as part of my 52-week project, but here are the rest. (For some reason I always forget to post our barkada photos on my blog. I just realized that I never posted the pictures from our Zambales trip last year, but at least I was able to post our vlog – which you can watch HERE.)


Only three of us were available that day since Camille had a family event to attend. It was my first time driving to Laiya so I was pretty nervous/excited.


We stopped by McDonalds for some breakfast along the way

Naturally we ended up at Virgin Beach Resort again. To be fair, we did try to look at other resorts in the area, but they were all too crowded and we just want a quiet day at the beach with no one to bother us.




Since there were only three of us we decided to get a day bed



Some beach essentials which I ended up using as props in my self portraits that day



This was my Week 21/52 this year.








Since I was falling behind on my 52-week project, Aprille helped me take a lot of photos that day


(Behind the scenes of my Week 23/52)


My Week 22/52 and some outttakes:




Aside from taking loads of photos, we spent the day just lounging around our day bed, pigging out on snacks and catching up on each other’s lives. Later that afternoon we went swimming. We managed to float around for about two hours before rain started to pour. Naturally we didn’t mind getting wet, but the wind that accompanied it was terrible and forced us to get out of the water. We were a little disappointed that our swimming time had to be cut short but Mother Nature offered us this beautiful rainbow afterwards to make up for it:


We decided to shower and pack up after this since we didn’t want to drive back to LB too late.


One last selfie before we leave 🙂 Thanks for another awesome adventure Baks!

I brought my Vixia that day and got some footage, but just a few. I think we all just wanted to relax so I didn’t force to girls to appear in the video as much. I was able to make a vlog with the clips I managed to take, but they’re mostly of myself. You can watch it below if you’re interested:


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