Goodies from Japan/Taiwan

Last month we went on a short cruise around Japan and Taiwan. We signed up for some tours/shore excursions but unfortunately they were cancelled so we ended up having to explore places ourselves. This actually turned out to be a blessing because we still ended up seeing the places we wanted to visit, and we enjoyed having control of our time. Plus, we used the money we saved from the cancelled tours (roughly 160 USD per person) to go shopping.

As usual, I decided to share some of the goodies I bought here on my blog. Unlike last year’s haul, most of these are food items so they’re gone now. I’d like to say we gave most away as pasalubong, but majority of them found their way into our tummies. Please note that not all of these are mine. Some are stuff my parents bought (but I ate them anyway XD)


First we have these spicy shrimp rice crackers. We’ve already finished one box and we’re trying to save the other one because they’re so good.img_8889

Pretzel sticks. I love the brown sugar one on the upper left


Okinawa seems to love purple yam. I’m not sure if it’s the same as our ube, but they look pretty similar. Most of these are pasalubong so I’m not sure if they taste the same.


Matcha goodies! You guys know I love Matcha. The Oreos are my favorite.


Brinks went crazy over these Calbee chips while we were there. I’ve never tried them before but she told me there were good so I bought different flavors. I liked them, my favorite is the sweet potato one.


Random candies and sweets from different shops we went to. I loved the peach jellies!


My parents bought assorted snacks and jade soba noodles which we’ve been loving


As well as these cookies, wasabi peas and some kind of sugar candies


We also did a bit of shopping on the ship. We got these Princess Cruises chocolates and some toffees. I also bought a huge Princess Cruises mug but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Now for the non-food items:


I found Sea Breeze being sold for extremely cheap at Don Quixote so I ended up getting four of them. I ordered the one I’m using now from eBay and I ended up paying more than 800PHP for it (including shipping). These were less than 300PHP each!  (These are deo-water which give a nice cooling sensation when applied. They’re great for freshening up when you’ve been out in the sun and want to cool down. They smell really good too! I like dousing myself in it after I go jogging.)


I also bought some cooling deo-paper. I haven’t tried them but Brinks says they’re extremely cold! Even more than the Sea Breeze. I also picked up a bottle of Cure Aqua Gel because once again I saw it was much cheaper at Don Quixote. And I also bought two make up items from Matsumoto Kiyoshi – a Canmake concealer (because I packed the wrong one for my trip) and a Rimmel liquid lipstick.

One of my favorite purchase from the trip actually came from the airport before our flight back to the Philippines. It’s this Anna Sui Flight of Fancy perfume. I love Anna Sui perfumes but for some reason I don’t see them often. So when I found it at the airport in Taiwan, I picked up a bottle. I’ve been using it ever since and I love it.

That concludes my haul from my recent cruise. It will probably be a while before I blog about my trip, but you can watch the video I posted HERE 😀


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