INSTABITS : October 2016

Hello November! I can’t believe we’ve only got 7 weeks left until the end of the year. October was another eventful month, packed with activities so once again this entry’s pretty long.

I found some China Glaze nail polish at ATC. These normally cost around 350-400 PHP but they were on sale for 99PHP so I instantly grabbed four of them. I also picked up a Wet n Wild matte top coat which I’ve been loving.

(Grabbed this from Dustin’s Twitter account) This was taken last month, the night before my birthday. I was craving pizza so I made Dustin rush over to LB from San Pablo at 9 in the evening so we could grab some Yellowcab at Calamba with Amie XD

National Teacher’s Day was on October 5. I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute paper tulip on my desk from Ella ❤

Camille and I had lunch one day at Seoul Kitchen. I ordered my usual cheese rappoki (which we shared) and chicken mayo.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier to lose some of the weight I put on during our cruise last July (and September), but ice cream has always been my weakness T__T

Earlier this month, Amie left for Hokkaido to attend a 2-month internship program. We had a despedida lunch at Bonitos with Rona and Jason. (Jason left before we remembered to take selfies XD)

Mochi celebrated his first birthday this month. (I can’t remember the exact day but I know it’s around October 10). He’s gotten so big and so fat over this past year. I tried to give him a banana for his birthday treat but he only knows how to eat kang kong.

Animax Carnival was held on October 15-16 and Marco invited me to go with him. It’s been over two years since I attended a cosplay event here in the Philippines so I’m glad I was able to go again. I was even able to see Jin Joson give a talk on cosplay makeup.

Before her talk ended she told us selfies were welcome if we run into her during the event so of course I jumped at the opportunity as soon as she left the stage ❤

I spotted these egg waffles at SM MOA. They looked cute but once you finish the ice cream there wasn’t really anything special about them. (Looks great on Instagram though XD)

I posted this photo of my mom and me in Santorini for her birthday. She turned 60 this month, can you believe it?

She had a Sweet Sixty party at Palaisdaan to celebrate. Naturally I invited the Physics gang 🙂

Thanks for coming guys!

My mom’s party plans started out simple but it kept growing into something more extravagant. Aprille and Ate Tin handled the styling and hosting of the event (you can see more photos of their setup on their blog). My mom even had a photobooth for her guests (which my friends and I abused XD).

On October 19 some colleagues and I (and a few of our students) went to Dumaguete to attend the 18th SPVM National Physics Conference.

We arrived a day before the conference. For most of us it was our first time there so we grabbed the chance to explore the city.

Of course we immediately had to try the famous Dumaguete silvanas and sans rival. (Thanks for the treat Sir Emman!)

I gained a few pounds because of these bad boys

The following day was the start of the conference. It was held in Silliman University. I must say, I was very impressed with their campus. The auditorium where they held the opening program and plenary sessions was huge.

The event was actually comprised of three conferences : The 18th SPVM National Physics Conference, the 2016 International Conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology, and the 4th International Meeting for Complex Systems. Naturally I participated in the one focused on material science.

On the first day of the conference the event organizers held a banquet for the participants. This was taken at the entrance.

I was a poster presenter so I didn’t have much to worry about until day 2, which was when the poster session was held.

To celebrate everyone’s successful presentations we had dinner at the famous Sans Rival Bistro where we pigged out on more silvanas and sans rival.

I love the decorations they had at the bistro

Afterwards we tried to burn off some of the calories we ate by taking an evening stroll around the city

On the  last day of the conference, the organizers prepared a tour for us. Silliman student volunteers showed us around and gave us a brief history of the city and their campus.


The morning before our flight back to Manila, we squeezed in a quick visit to Silliman Beach. That’s the airport runway behind me 🙂

Back in LB, I tried to get back to eating healthier so Dustin and I had lunch at Solitas Farm Diner. This time I ordered their mushroom tempura which was pretty good.

Unfortunately my plan to eat healthier was thwarted by the new 1954 Diners which opened up recently at Centtro. Their food was good but definitely not healthy :p

On the last day of October we visited cemeteries to offer flowers to our deceased relatives. I know that this is normally done on November 1 but we wanted to avoid the crowd as usual.

October was another awesome month filled with wonderful new experiences and new memories. I’m sad to see it come to an end but I look forward to the adventures November will bring 🙂


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