INSTABITS : November 2016

Is it just me or did the second half of 2016 disappear in the blink of an eye? My December has been pretty packed so this has been sitting in my drafts for the past two weeks. Now that my semester is truly over I have a bit of time to edit it.

On the first day of November I had an impromptu movie date with Jason and Dustin. We watched Dr. Strange at SM San Pablo then had a late lunch at Si Christina

We ordered their platter which was pretty good. And of course we had to have some of their famous frozen sansrival brazo de mercedes (no picture because we were too excited to try it).

I was craving soba again so I asked Ma’am Ivy, Ma’am Ianne, Sir Taps and Dustin to have lunch at Centtro

A few days later my mom started craving pizza so we found ourselves having dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza. We also ordered their Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta which I love (ever since Dustin introduced it to me on my birthday earlier this year)

I wanted something sweet after dinner so I ordered their dark chocolate ice cream

I had lunch with Camille and Dustin at Camille’s favorite place to eat – Army Navy. Although lately her love for this place has slowly faded.

Sir Taps, Dustin and I went to Bon Appetea one evening for some milk tea ❤

We were planning on playing badminton that evening but we got lazy and decided to just go out for dinner instead

I love the pastel colors in this place

I tried to burn off all the calories I’ve been eating by going on an afternoon jog with Dustin

I also tried to eat healthier. I ordered a healthy lunch at Bonitos but I ended up eating quite a bit of Dustin’s ravioli lasagna anyway

I wore my kitty socks one day and Mochi was very interested in them

More food, omg. This time when Dustin and I went to eat at Seoul Kitchen.

Marco went to Vietnam and Thailand last month for a conference and he gave me these as pasalubong. Thanks Marco! (For the post card too! Hindi na dumating yung Vietnam T__T)

A big accomplishment for me was driving to ATC for the first time. I went there to eat at The Boiling Seafood with some friends. Nestle had a booth at the mall and they were giving away free ice cream. Yay!

Last month, Raf invited me to go to Baguio with him and some friends from work. It was nice to see Kuya Raymond and Nel again too.

Here’s a lovely view of Baguio from the Good Shepherd convent ❤

Unfortunately it rained a lot on our first day there so we weren’t able to do much sightseeing. But thankfully it was nice and sunny the following day so we were able to take a few pictures around Burnham Park

There were lots of flowers around the area and I took photos of a couple of them

We also walked to the marketplace to buy some pasalubong for friends and family back home

Of course no Baguio trip is complete without buying a box of fresh strawberries ❤

Before heading back home, we grabbed lunch at the famous Cafe by the Ruins. We waited an hour for a table, but at least the food was good. That’s one thing I can cross off my Baguio bucketlist

Back in the real world, the semester was coming to a close, which meant we had our final meetings with our classes that week. Here’s my Physics 13 U2L lab

My Physics 1 CD2L students

And my Physics 3 X5L class. (I wasn’t able to take photos with my other sections because they were Wednesdays lab classes and that Wednesday was a holiday.)

Since Nov 30 was a holiday my parents and I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Initially we planned on seeing it at SM San Pablo but it wasn’t showing there anymore so we were forced to go to Festival Mall, which I didn’t mind :p

Of course no mall visit is complete without picking up a cup of milk tea :p

As I was writing this I realized that half of my posts were about food. Hopefully December’s entry would contain more people.

This is my last Instabits for 2016 since my next entry would be posted in early January (I hope). November – thank you for being amazing. Thank you for all the new and wonderful experiences 😀


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