INSTABITS : December 2016

HAPPY 2017 everyone! Here’s my final Instagram dump for 2016. As promised, this entry consists of more people and less food. (But that doesn’t mean I ate less last month – in fact I pigged out quite a bit over the holidays)

Warning : December was packed with activities so this entry is pretty long

As you may know, I’m a HUGE Final Fantasy fan (this blog’s URL should be a giveaway – it’s the name of Selphie’s final weapon in FF8), so I was pretty excited when FF15 came out. I asked Brinks to get me a copy and I spent the first weekend of December holed up in my room exploring Eos with Noctis and the gang. (In fact, most of December’s free time went into this game.)

December marked the end of the first semester, which meant lots of work for us teachers. Dustin and I rewarded ourselves with pizza and milk tea after an entire day of checking.

Since I had some free time, I decided I would bake a few things for upcoming Christmas parties. Dustin came over to help out so of course we ended up baking matcha goodies.

We made white chocolate chip matcha cookies for the first time and surprisingly they turned out alright. I would have preferred them sweeter, but  the people who ate them thought they were fine the way they were.

Dustin, Jason and I went to SM Calamba one evening and had dessert at Krispy Kreme! We tried their holiday donuts. They were good but I still prefer the original glazed.

After two months in Japan, Amie’s back, yaaaaay~

My parents love having my friends over so, just like last year, they threw a Christmas party for them.

My mom and I bought these antler headbands to get us all in a festive mood during the party. Nine of us for the nine reindeer in the song – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph 😀

(I started using Boomerang last month :p)

Of course we had a gift exchange during the party 😀 Thanks everyone!

We also had a Christmas party at our office. Our theme was Christmas in Hawaii.

Fortunately my mom had a lot of leis from our Hawaii trip in 2013, so I borrowed them for our party. Here’s Ma’am Ianne, Phoebe and me in our floral gear.

Some of us participated in the gift exchange. I got my gift stolen twice, lol. But it was fun.

After the semester ended, I decided to pamper myself with a much needed hair treatment. I love how smooth and manageable my hair turned out.

The girls decided to have our annual Christmas party this year in Tagaytay. I’ve only driven there twice before so I was pretty nervous, especially since it was raining. But everything went smoothly, phew. (Photo grabbed from Brinky’s IG)

Originally we planned on having lunch at Sonya’s Garden, but we learned that they don’t serve meat so we decided to move to Bag of Beans.

We had a yummy lunch filled with lots of laughter (mostly at Camille’s expense – peace Cams hahaha)

Group photo with the girls. We placed Vesma in front because she somehow always ends up getting cropped or covered up in our barkada photos

After lunch we went to Starbucks to continue our kwentuhan. Thanks for the treat Jay and Vesma!

Another photo grabbed from Brinky’s IG

I brought my polaroid camera with me and of course we took loads of photos (so that everyone can have their own copy – no Bluetooth transfer here :p)

Thanks for the presents girls! 🎁🎁🎁

On the 24th, Raf and I had breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio’s. I enjoyed their pancakes and bacon.

For Christmas eve lunch we had our annual party with the Tan clan. Here are the Tan cousins (minus Ezra)

And here’s a group photo with everyone

Iyah brought these adorable baby cupcakes for the party

That evening I opened my Christmas presents. I felt like a kid because it’s been a while since I had this many presents for Christmas 🎁😊🎁

Our family went to Thailand for the holidays as usual. This time we decided to visit Chiang Mai. We went to the Doi Suthep temple where we saw these cute Hmong hill tribe kiddos 🙂

Brinks convinced me to download SNOW and I’ve been obsessing over the adorable filters. I post most of my SNOW selfies as IG stories because I’m trying to avoid cluttering my account with pictures/videos of myself with various animal ears.

But here’s one I did post. Raaaawr~

Of course I had to visit Bangkok’s night market while we were there. I bought these adorable socks – 10 pairs for only 200 Baht!

I contacted Kuya Barry when we arrived in Bangkok and he found some free time to visit me. It was great catching up with him after all these years. He took me to Central World and we had dinner at Omu.

Of course I made him take a selfie with me using the Snow app :p

My parents and I visited the Art in Paradise exhibit at the Esplanade Mall in Bangkok. We have something similar in the Philippines (Art in Island) and I’ve been wanting to go since last year but never had the chance. Since we had a lot of free time in Bangkok my mom suggested we visit the one they had over there. We had a blast posing for photos and trying to be creative with the displays.

There were a lot of food trucks near our hotel and one of them (Demi Concept) serves black ice cream! Of course I had to try it. I give it two thumbs up 😀

Whenever we’re in Bangkok my dad gets a bunch of photos printed out because they’re much cheaper over there. One 4R print costs less than 4PHP! This year I decided I would get my favorite self portraits printed out.

I  also printed out some portraits that Jason and Dustin took of me from our rustic shoot at the National Art Center

And from the shoot they had for me on my birthday this year 🙂

We returned to the Philippines on the evening of the 31st, just in time to welcome the new year at home. I wasn’t able to buy a red polka dot dress in Bangkok so instead I wore my new red polka dot socks for good luck 😀

That ends my final Instabits entry for 2016. I’ve said it several times on my blog, but I’ll say it again – 2016 was a truly memorable year for me. There were a few setbacks and some painful moments (like losing family members), but overall 2016 gave me so many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.

If you want to read all my Instabits entry for 2016 you can do that by clicking HERE.

EDIT: Since I started posting to IG stories this month I figured I would share those with you too. I compiled them all into a short video which you can watch below:


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