INSTABITS : January 2017

(I know this is extremely late since it’s almost the 2nd week of March, but my February was pretty packed so I didn’t have time to finish this entry.)

My first post for 2017 was this family photo we took in Bangkok’s Art in Paradise museum. We had a lot of fun taking photos during our visit there, which I’ll probably share on my blog sometime in the (not-so-near) future.

My mom took this shot of me at the new Central World overpass in Bangkok

Even though I still had some sidequests to complete, I decided to finish Final Fantasy 15 just before we had to go back to work. The ending was … ok I guess.

I got to try my first CBTL drink this year. I forgot what I ordered but I remember liking it.

One exciting thing that happened to me in January was the Color Manila Run. Dustin convinced me to sign up for the 10k and I’m proud to say I survived.

Of course we took loads of photos during the event

So kulayful!

I ordered three new liquid lipsticks from Colourpop and they arrived last January. This one’s Bumble. I like the color but I’m not a fan of the matte formula – it’s too drying on my lips.

This shade is called Echo Park. It’s way too light for me so I usually wear it with a layer of Maybelline’s Soft Azallea on top.

This last one is called Frick N Frack and it’s my favorite out of the three, especially since it’s a satin formula. Sometimes I wear it with a layer of Maybelline’s Soft Azallea on top as well to give it more pop (since it can appear a bit dull on my lips)

I bumped into Chesca (an old friend from college) one evening while I was shopping in Nuvali. Last time we saw each other was 6 years ago.

I ordered some more stuff from Althea 😀 I restocked on the Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel and the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I also purchased a tattoo eyebrow pen and the super popular carbonated clay mask.  The hair vinegar treatment is for Camille.

And from Lazada I ordered a polaroid case and polaroid album

Another exciting thing that happened to me in January was my Masungi Georeserve adventure. Brinks invited me around mid December and I immediately signed up. I’ve been wanting to see this place for a while so I grabbed the chance when the opportunity presented itself.

One of the most difficult (yet fun) part of the trail was the Duyan. I don’t think it was designed for vertically challenged people (like me :p).

Thanks for inviting me kup!

Camille and I have been loving Stable lately.  We’re always craving their chicken and fries.

Operation “Babae sa Septic Tank”/”IMSP Sip and Gogh” for Ma’am Chrys’s birthday. Her reaction when we pranked her was priceless XD

I had merienda/breakfast with Camille and Amie at Cafe Ella one afternoon. (Amie called it breakfast because it was her first meal of the day.)

That month I attended UPLB’s tribute program for UP President Alfredo E. Pascual at the DL Umali hall

Raf invited me to join a virtual run last January. You set a goal (25km, 50km or 100km) which you have to complete within 21 days. I went for the 25km because the event is from January 21 to February 11, and I knew that once Ezra arrives on February 1 I wouldn’t have time to run anymore. You need to submit proofs of your run to the organizers so they can verify your results. This was my proof for Run#1. I normally run in the afternoon, but my schedule this semester doesn’t allow that so I had to force myself to get up early while the event lasted.

My parents received this box of pesto ingredients from Oliviers & Co – a gift from Charles Lee 😀

A picture of UPLB Freedom park after completing morning run #2. It started to rain just as I was cooling down 🙂

Random selfie :p

My aunt and uncle from California visited us that month and we took them to Isdaan so they could experience a real boodle fight. The miss Filipino food a lot so they loved it 😀

That wraps up my January INSTABITS. My 2017 had a spectacular start. It was filled with new adventures and wonderful experiences. I’m hoping that the rest of the year will be just as amazing 😀

Since I started posting on Instagram stories, I decided I would share some of those in my INSTABITS entries too. I compiled my posts in a short video which you can watch below. (I also went back to my December 2016 INSTABITS entry to add my IG stories for that month)


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