INSTABITS : February 2017

The month of hearts ❤ It was indeed full of love because Ezra and Kurt visited us and finally had their Philippine wedding this month 😀

Ezra arrived first on February 1 and immediately showered me with kisses. She went with me to the office so she wouldn’t succumb to jetlag and end up sleeping the whole day.

She brought all these games for me, yaaaay~ I’ve already finished Until Dawn (which she had to force me to play because I was too scared), Life is Strange and Project Diva X. I’m thinking of starting Akiba’s Trip sometime soon.

Ezra’s first request when she arrived was for me to take her to Seoul Kitchen because she missed their cheese rappoki so much

It’s been over a year since we went on a family vacation with Ezra so my parents booked a short Asian cruise while she was here (watch the vlog HERE). We arrived in Singapore a day earlier (where we would be boarding the ship) so we could explore the Gardens by the Bay 🙂

There were so many colorful plants there!

We had tickets to enter one of the two domes in the park. We had a hard time deciding which one to go to but in the end we chose the cloud forest which was breathtaking.

In Malaysia we saw that McDonalds had lychee ice cream, so of course we had to try it.  Two thumbs up!

Family portrait during formal night of our cruise. The Filipino staff on the ship kept coming up to talk to us because seeing my dad’s barong made them homesick.

Garcia sisters in black and white. (Del Rosario na nga pala si Ez …) The dress that Ezra’s wearing is actually the same one she wore when she got married last year. She was happy to have a chance to finally wear it again.

One of our ports was Penang. We joined a tour which took us to the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Our guide also took us to Lim Wah Thai to go souvenir shopping. Here I am chillaxing with the Lim Wah Thai bears

We also stopped by Phuket and visited several temples, including Wat Chalong

Back in Singapore, we found this cute mini Merlion and mini Supertree at Changi airport

Moy also visited the Philippines this month. She and Ige brought home a bunch of meat from Australia so we could have a barbecue at their house.

With our visitor from down under. Thanks for the yummy food Moy!

Kurt flew in a week before their wedding. We took him to Festival Mall as soon as he arrived because Ezra and I needed to find shoes for their wedding (and to prevent Kurt from sleeping all day).

My haul from that day – mostly stuff for their wedding. It took FOREVER to find shoes that fit me. I have tiny feet and 99% of the shoes I tried were too big for me – even those that were in the smallest available size. I became so desperate that I considered looking in the children’s section, but eventually Ezra found these for me.

On Valentine’s Day Dustin gave all his single female colleagues a rose. So sweet~ Thanks Dustin (AKA our pinaka handsome friend)

I finally opened the flat iron that Gillette sent to me two years ago after the whole stolen photo fiasco. I didn’t realize it was so fancy 😂 This is the first time I’ve seen a flat iron with an LCD display. You can calibrate it based on your hair length and thickness and it will automatically adjust its temperature based on the moisture level of your hair. It will even tell you if you’re moving the flat iron too fast 👍

Ezra and Kurt had their wedding at the Acacia Hotel in Alabang. Congratulations guys! If you want to see their same-day-edit video you can watch it on HERE on Youtube 

While the couple was busy having a pictorial with the official photographers, my friends and I held our own photo shoot near the pool :p

Love this one (grabbed from Amie’s IG)

Thanks Aprille (of Aprille Araguas Designs) for the beautiful flowers! And thanks Dustin for the photos above haha.

Snapshots of the “friends of the maid of honor” XD

Of course all good things must come to an end, and eventually the happy couple had to return to California. Here’s one last groufie at the airport.

My parents’ friends gave us these (mini) Pablo cheese tarts. Yaaaay~

After a lot of persuasion, I convinced my parents to watch Wicked with me. They weren’t familiar with the play so they weren’t excited at first, but they ended up loving it 😀

It truly was an enchanting production. It’s been almost three weeks and I’m still listening to their Spotify playlist. I’m so glad I got the chance to see it ❤

Dustin has been talking about this place since it opened so I’m glad I finally got to try it. If you find yourself here, I highly recommend their S’mores 😀

I ordered their honey mustard chicken which I enjoyed (since I love honey mustard)

That ends February’s IG dump. It was another incredible month. I spent it doing things I enjoyed with the people I love, what more can you ask for 🙂

I realized that ever since I started using Instagram Stories I haven’t been flooding my actual feed with photos of food. But, like the past two months, I made a video which consists of all the photos and short clips from my IG stories, which you can watch below:


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