Kuala Lumpur 2017

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I recently went to Malaysia to attend a conference. It was held in Penang but my colleagues and I decided to spend a day in Kuala Lumpur before heading back home to Manila. There’s no direct flight from Penang to Manila anyway, so we were going to stop by KL no matter what, we might as well make the most of it.

Our flight was at 7am so we left our airbnb at around 4:30am. Our host was kind enough to arrange a vehicle for us because we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to get an Uber that early in the morning.


We caught the sun rising while we were on the plane

Once we arrived at KL, we booked a van from the airport to take us to our hotel. We didn’t really have concrete plans on how we were going to spend our afternoon but fortunately the hotel had a tour desk and we decided to avail of their 6-hr city tour. We arranged to meet our tour guide at around 1pm so that we could have lunch first. We found a street near our hotel that was lined with small restaurants and we just chose one at random.


The food wasn’t good and it was overpriced, but at least Dustin enjoyed their cendol


It was his first time trying it. It’s not the best I’ve had, but compared to the other things we ordered this was pretty good. Still, my sweet tooth wasn’t that satisfied. Fortunately we passed by a convenience store and I was able to pick up a pink magnum.



Back at the hotel, we freshened up a bit before getting started with our tour. The first place our guide brought us to was the Sultan Abdul Samad Building


I’m not sure what it was for (since our guide mainly just drove us around and didn’t give us that much background information about the places we went to), but it’s beautiful.




Next up on the itinerary was the national monument



The place was built in honor of the people who fought for Malaysia’s freedom during World War II




(Shoefie because the place had nice floors. I washed my shoes before this trip but they got really dirty after we went biking around Georgetown)

After this our guide took us to Istana Negara – the King’s Palace




We weren’t allowed inside so we could only look at the palace from afar, through the bars on the gate:



The Malaysian coat of arms


Palace guard and his horse

Next, our guide took us to one of the most popular locations to visit in KL – the Batu Caves. I actually visited this place back in 2011 with my family. Aside from a few additional structures, nothing much has changed.




Back in 2011 I was allowed to visit the caves wearing shorts, so when Ella and Krea asked me if they should wear pants I said no. But apparently they don’t allow shorts in the caves anymore and we were forced to wear sarongs to cover our legs.

There were still a lot of monkeys in the area, and they were as conniving as I remember them.


This little fella jumped on top of a tourist’s backpack and grabbed his drink out of the pockets before running away.

After about 300 steps, we made it to the top:




We stayed here for a while to rest because it was nice and cool inside the caves. (It was scorching hot that day.)


After this our guide took us to the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, which is the white building behind me. I’m not sure what this building was in front of it, but it said Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) in the front, which is apparently a railway operator in Malaysia, so I’m guessing it’s still part of the railway station.




Dustin caught me taking selfies :p

Our guide took us to several factories during the tour (leather, pewter, coffee, etc), but we were most interested in the chocolate factory. We ended up getting a few for pasalubong:


Our last stop for the day was none other than the famous Petronas Towers:








We asked our guide to drop us off here so we could have dinner and wait until they turn on the tower lights. We had a nice meal at the food court inside Suria KLCC, which was the mall located at the first few floors of the tower. The food there was cheaper (and much better) than what we had for lunch. After resting, cooling down, and changing into fresh clothes (for some of us), we went outside to admire the night view of the twin towers.


C201 Roomies in KL 😀 We miss you Sir Taps and Ma’am Ianne!





We caught the fountain show in front of the towers before walking back to our hotel. It was a long walk (about 45 minutes long) and we got lost a few times, but we made it. I took a nice hot bath that evening to relax before going to bed.

The next morning we all decided to sleep in until it was time for us to check out of our hotel. Dustin and I bought some breakfast from the convenience store across the street before packing up for our flight home. Since check out was at 11am and our flight wasn’t until 9 that evening, we decided to leave our bags at the hotel lobby and check out the Central Market. We were told that it was a good place to shop for souvenirs and pasalubong.



I didn’t take that many photos since we mostly just explored the shops. I bought some shirts, more chocolates and some earrings (which I almost lost). I also sent out a few postcards since there was a mailbox nearby.


The one I sent to myself hasn’t arrived yet, but Raf and Brinks received theirs already so hopefully I’ll be getting mine soon.

There was a food court inside so we decided to have a very late lunch there:


Dustin and I ordered these for dessert. I’m not sure what they’re called. They’re like shaved ice, but they were much creamier. So goooood~

We still had some time after this so we walked around again and explored the shops outside the Central Market. It was so hot that we didn’t last that long. Eventually we decided to just stay at a coffee shop called Secret Recipe and order some cakes and tea


At around 5pm we decided to grab a taxi back to our hotel. Just in time too, because it started to rain HARD! At the hotel lobby we tried to squeeze all the stuff we bought into our bags (which were already bursting from the shopping we did in Penang). After a bit of a struggle we were all set to head to the airport. We got stuck in heavy traffic on the way there (probably because of the sudden rain) and almost missed our flight. We made it to the check in counter 10 minutes before they closed and we ran to our gate as soon as we dropped our baggage off. We made it just as the last few passengers were getting on the plane.



I tried to sleep on the plane but I think I was too excited about going home and I ended up awake for most of the flight. I did manage to nap for about 20 minutes once the adrenaline from almost missing our flight faded, but I woke up when the flight attendants were serving snacks and couldn’t sleep again after that. We arrived in Manila at around 1am and got home around 4am.

I wasn’t able to vlog the entire time we were in KL because everything was so rushed. Also, it was *extremely* hot the day of our tour and I wasn’t in the mood to get my camera out and take videos. Just like my Penang entry (aside from a few random shots from my phone) most of the photos here were taken by Dustin. I probably would have very little to show if he wasn’t so persistent on taking photos that day despite the heat. I did vlog a little in Penang, which you can watch below. I only finished editing it today, which is why I wasn’t able to include it in my Penang entry. As for a KL vlog, I’m sorry to say there won’t be one. But I did take a lot of photos and short videos for my Instagram stories, and I usually compile those in a video at the end of the month so you can just go ahead and watch that once I get around to editing it 🙂


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