INSTABITS : March 2017

Hallu everyone! We’ve entered the second quarter of 2017, where did the weeks go? Anyway, it’s time for my monthly Instagram dump. I’m proud to say that I’m posting this earlier than usual 🙂


On the first day of March, I received a text from Dustin telling me to wear black to the office #ootdbeshies


We were craving Greek salad so we decided to get some takeout from Chubby Habbi’s


Amie, Dustin and I went to SM San Pablo to watch a movie and discovered that The Face Shop was having a 5+5 sale on face masks. Of course Amie and I took advantage of it.


Ma’am Ivy invited us to their house for dinner one evening. Her husband is a great cook and they prepared spaghetti aux crevettes and boeuf bourguignon for us. So so so yummy! Thanks Ma’am Ivy and Sir Junjun!


For International Women’s Day one of my students gave me this balloon  😙🎈🎉 Thank you!!


Some colleagues and I went to Malaysia for a conference last month (blog entry HERE). Dustin took this photo of me at NAIA. We had to leave our house at 2am so most of us had less than an hour of sleep.


This was the view from our Airbnb in Penang ❤


On our first night there we had dinner at the food court in Queensbay Mall. It was called Queen’s Hall.


The next day we somehow all found ourselves wearing black. This time it wasn’t planned.


We rented bikes to explore Georgetown. Of course I chose a pink one :p


Someone told us that Chew Jetty was a good place to buy pasalubong, so we biked over there


Georgetown is known for the murals scattered around the area. We did our best to look for them while we were there. This one is called “Little Children on a Bicycle” and it’s one of the most popular ones.


Hey kitty kitty kitty~ (Not sure what this one is called though)


“Kah lu kong Hokkien”


Another kitty mural


After a whole day of being out in the sun we grabbed some refreshments at a nearby cafe


The following day we attended the International Conference on Key Engineering Materials (ICKEM 2017), which was hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Conference kit and badge. (I didn’t know they were going to put my photo on the badge, or else I would have submitted a more recent one).


Sir Marvs was my session chair. Here’s a photo of him awarding me with my certificate after my presentation


Before heading back to the Philippines, we decided to stop by Kuala Lumpur to do a bit of sightseeing. Here we are looking so happy at the Petronas Towers


We stayed there until they turned the tower lights on so we took photos again


Back in the Philippines, Dustin and I took Amie out for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Instead of a cake we gave her s’mores instead


Brinks spent a month in Canada with family, and she returned this March. Camille, JR and I went to her house the day she arrived and she gave us our pasalubong/pabili. The Real Techniques sponge arrived in time because I destroyed my Beauty Blender by packing it while it was still wet. It would have been fine but I forgot about it and only remembered to air dry it a few days later. By that time mold had grown on it and there was no way I was putting it on my face again.


Camille helped me order some serums from Althea and they arrived last month. So far I’ve only tried the Vitamin C and Whitening serums (to help with my acne scars). I can’t say I’ve seen a huge difference but my skin feels good afterwards. I’ll probably be opening the other two serums later this month too (the green one is for smaller pores and the pink one has collagen)


I joined another virtual run this month, so one Sunday morning my mom and I went to the field to jog/walk. We spotted these fancy kitties and played with them for a bit


I bought these cute earrings from Malaysia. I thought I lost them since I couldn’t find them in my luggage but it turned out they got mixed up with Dustin’s things. His mom found them while she was digging through his bag.


Shoefie with Dustin and Amie after a morning jog. It’s great to have friends that motivate me to get up early in the morning to run. There have been several instances when I was so tempted to turn my alarm off and go back to sleep, only to receive a text from Amie that’s she’s up and about to get started with that morning’s run.


I found this in my drawer the other day. It’s our “barkada free time sked”. Back in college my friends and I would make these every semester and print them out. It tells us who is free every hour of the school day. We always carried it with us so we’d know who to call in case we need someone to talk to (or hang out with). Back then we didn’t have smart phones or unli calls/text, so looking for someone to hang out with usually takes a bit of effort (and money). These schedules made it a bit easier for us.

That ends my IG dump for March. As usual I also downloaded my pictures and videos from IG stories and compiled it into a video, which you can watch below:



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