Europe 2016 : Champagne Waterfall, Kotor (Montenegro) and Corfu (Greece)

This entry contains three days worth of photos so it’s going to be pretty long. You have been warned :p

After walking around Naples and Pompeii we were able to take a break because the following day was a sea day. That meant we were able to sleep in, eat a late breakfast and lounge around the ship the whole day. Instead of staying in our room we decided to go out on the 7th floor deck and enjoy the sea breeze.

00 (14)

00 (13)

00 (15)

00 (1)

00 (2)

My mom brought her tablet so she could watch kdramas while I read The False Prince (Book 1 of the Ascendance Trilogy)

We stayed there until it was time for lunch. After stuffing ourselves at the buffet we went to the Vista Lounge to attend a talk about Art History.

00 (3)

Here we learned about the works of Peter Max. I’ve never heard of him before but his art can be found everywhere! You’ve probably seen one of his pieces at one point. His art is often very bright and psychedelic.

After the talk we headed back to our room to nap and woke up in time for the champagne waterfall event that was being held at the Atrium. We’ve participated in other champagne waterfall events on cruises before but so far this is the best photo we’ve gotten. Most of the time they make it really difficult for your companions to take photos of you, so you’re forced to rely on the official photographer and buy the photo from them (which costs about 20USD). But this time the Maitre D’ was extremely nice. He even asked me who was taking my photo and told me to look over there so that my dad could get a good shot of me.

00 (17)

00 (18)

My parents also had their turn to go up there while I took photos of them

00 (19)

00 (20)

Thank you so much Generoso!

00 (4)

It was our first formal night on the ship, and in an attempt to be more glamorous I tried false lashes for the first time. I bought them from the airport on our way over to this cruise. I expected them to fall off halfway through dinner but surprisingly they stayed on the whole night.

This cruise was also sort of a late celebration for my dad’s birthday, so the dining room staff gave him a cake and sang to him during dinner:

00 (7)


I don’t share a lot of photos of our meals in my blog (since I include them in my vlogs) but I have to talk about my dessert that night:

00 (5)

I forgot what it’s called, all I know is it tasted like a giant ferrero. So so so good! Definitely one of my favorite desserts from the entire trip.

After dinner we decided to head over to the Princess Theater to watch a magic show

00 (6)

The theater was packed because Jonathan Hawley was performing – he was one of the finalists from America’s Got Talent season 7

00 (8)

00 (10)

I’m only going to share this one photo from the show in case some of you get the chance to watch his show, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone because it was amazing. I can see why he became a finalist.

After the show we headed back to our room to sleep because we needed to rest for our tour the following morning.

We woke up the next day in Kotor, Montenegro. Our cruise ship couldn’t dock on the port (because another ship was scheduled to dock there) so we had to use the ship’s tenders to go ashore

01 (2)

They’re these orange boats attached to the ship. In emergencies I expect they function as life boats too.

01 (3)

01 (1)

Boarding the tender

01 (4)

After about a 10 minute boat ride we made it to the Port of Kotor

Here we met our tour guide and he took us to his bus. Our first stop was the village of Njeguši up in the mountains. To get there we had to pass through some extremely narrow and dangerous roads

01 (6)

I took this from my bus window while it was raining, so it’s not that clear, but you can sort of see how narrow the roads are. Look how close that truck’s wheels are to the edge. And that’s a steep cliff with no barriers! If you’re not used to driving these roads I expect it would be terrifying.

On our way up the mountain we got a great view of the Bay of Kotor (AKA “Boka”), one of the most beautiful bays in the world according to our guide.

01 (11)

01 (8)

I have to say I agree. It was breathtaking! (That’s our cruise ship there in the middle)

01 (9)

Our bus stopped on the side of the road for a few minutes so we could take photos

01 (10)

After a couple more minutes on the bus we made it to the village

01 (18)

01 (12)

01 (14)

01 (15)

01 (16)

01 (17)

Our guide took us to a small restaurant where we ate cheese, prosciutto and bread. They also gave us a glass of wine each.

01 (13)

Waiting in line for our food. We stayed in the restaurant for a bit because they had free wifi  :p (Back then we didn’t have internet privileges on the ship)

After this we got back on the bus to head over to Cetinje, where King Nikola’s Palace (now a museum) was located

01 (19)

01 (20)

We weren’t allowed to take photos or videos inside, unfortunately. But we were allowed to take photos in the garden and the grounds.

01 (21)

01 (22)

01 (23)

On our way back down the mountain our guide pointed out Budva, a popular tourist destination famous for its resorts and beaches

01 (24)

01 (25)

01 (26)

Back at sea level, our guide took us inside the walls of Old Town Kotor. It was filled with cobbled streets and beautiful old architecture. If you ignore the gift shops and the cafes with signs advertising free WIFI, it felt like we time traveled to another period.

01 (28)

Our guide took us to see the Maritime Museum and a few churches. After that he set us free to explore the old town on our own.

01 (27)

01 (29)

01 (30)

01 (31)

01 (32)

At around 4pm we decided we would head back to the ship. Mostly because we haven’t had lunch yet and we were getting hungry.

01 (33)

The city walls

01 (35)

There was a large bench outside the Old Town, I’m not sure why. I think our guide said something like it was placed there so adults could sit and remember what it was like to feel like a small child again. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be symbolic (like to remember your roots or something like that) or it was made just for fun.

01 (37)

Old Town was about a 5-10 minute walk away from the port so we were able to get to the tenders pretty easily

01 (36)

Goodbye Montenegro (AKA Crna Gora). We had a great time!

The following day our cruise took us to Corfu (Greece). We had to get up extremely early because our tour guide was meeting us on the port at 7am.


Good morning Corfu


On our way to meet our guide we passed the Norwegian cruise ship, which was painted with these bright and happy colors. We were told Peter Max also painted one of Norwegian’s ships, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t the one he did.

Our first stop that day was the Monastry Paleokastritsa




It was beautiful inside but very dark, which made it difficult to take photos



Outside the monastery they had a beautiful garden



Afterwards our guide took us to see some beaches around the area:



Then we headed off to see Corfu’s Old Town.




IMG_5677a (1)

IMG_5677a (2)

This area is known as The Spianada (Greek for “Esplanade”), and the building behind me is the Liston. The place reminded me a lot of Leal Senado Square in Macau.

IMG_5677a (3)

We walked around and found ourselves at the Museum of Asian Art




After about an hour of exploring it was time for us to return to our bus so our guide could take us back to our ship


Hello Royal Princess, we’re back~


One last photo on the port before we boarded

That evening was another formal night. There was no champagne waterfall this time but we did drop by the Princess Live! theater after dinner to play Princess Passenger Feud with some of the other guests. We didn’t win but I think we did fairly well 🙂


And that ends my entry for Days 3 to 5 of our Mediterranean Cruise. Coming soon : Heraklion, Mykonos (my favorite place that we visited that summer) and possibly Athens 🙂

I’ve finished editing the vlogs for the three days I talked about in this entry. You can watch them below:


**All my blog entries related to this trip can be found here : Europe 2016

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