INSTABITS : April 2017

We’re in our last few weeks of classes here in the university, which means lots of work for all of us. As a result, I haven’t been updating my IG as much, so this entry’s going to be shorter than usual.

The postcards I’ve been waiting for finally arrived last month. The Vancouver one is from Brinks (from her one-month visit to Canada) and the one from Malaysia is from me, I sent it to myself during our trip there last March (blog entry here).

Aprille celebrated her birthday this month so I posted this picture of us from a few years back

I ordered this clay mask from Althea back in January but I was only able to test it this month. (Watch my IG stories below if you’re curious to see how it looks :p)

I went for a medical this month and one of the tests required me to fast for three days. No red meat, chocolates, raw fruits and veggies allowed. Before I got started I decided to have one last sinful meal at Seoul Kitchen

Ezra had her birthday on the 18th so I posted this picture of us from our cruise last February (blog/vlog here)

My favorite brother-in-law also celebrated his birthday this month. Welcome to your 30’s Kurt!

Camille and I had merienda at Boards Up one afternoon. They have a wide selection of board games you can play while you’re there. We decided to try Exploding Kittens. It would have been a fun game if there were more people playing with us.

We also tried this game called Sushi Go because the illustrations were so cute 🤗

Afterwards we met up with Aprille to have dinner and ice cream

Initially I wasn’t going to have ice cream because I’m trying to cut back on sugar, but I couldn’t resist Ministop’s cute flower cone

April 28 was a holiday in Manila so Raf and Leni dropped by LB for a visit. I showed them my office and introduced them to some of my colleagues (although Leni knows most of them since she graduated here.)

Dustin and I also took them to one of my favorite places to eat in LB,  Seoul Kitchen

On the last day of the month our office held a workshop at Camp Benjamin in Alfonso. It also served as our summer outing for this year.

We had boodle fight for lunch which was a lot of fun. I’ve tried boodle fights before but never with this many people.

Our afternoon was dedicated to the workshop, but we had free time in the evening to relax. My colleagues headed straight for the pool as soon as possible but unfortunately I couldn’t join them because I skinned my knee two days before and I didn’t want to risk getting it infected. Fortunately there was an area next to the pool where I could sit and be near them so I could still participate in the conversation.

Like I said, this Instabits entry is shorter compared to my previous posts due to our busy schedules at the office, but our midyear break is coming up so hopefully I’ll have more free time in the coming month.

As usual I’ve compiled my Instagram stories into a short video which you can watch below:


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