Europe 2016 : Santorini and Mykonos

This is another photo-heavy post from the next three days of our cruise last July. In my previous entry (read here) I talked about our visit to Crete, Mykonos and Athens. In this one we explore Santorini, Mykonos (again) and Corfu (again … sort of).

When my dad signed us up for this cruise, one of the places I looked forward to the most was Santorini. I’ve read a lot of blogs and watched several videos of people visiting Santorini on the internet and it always looks amazing, so to finally have the chance to see it for myself felt unreal.

When we arrived in Santorini we had to use the tender service to go ashore

01 (1)

01 (2)

01 (3)

Hello Santorini

After about a 20-minute boat ride, we made it to solid ground

01 (4)

We met our guide at the port and she showed us our bus which would take us to our first location. On the way there we spotted several buildings with blue domes which Santorini is famous for:

01 (5)

01 (6)

As I mentioned in my previous Mykonos entry, we were told that these blue domes indicate that these churches. There are a lot of them not just in Santorini but many parts of Greece because it’s common for rich families to own private churches.

Our first activity for the day was wine tasting. It was the middle of the day and that was apparently the best time to get drunk :p

01 (9)

01 (10)

01 (11)

01 (7)

We tried three kinds of wine : white, dry red and dessert. Personally I like the white wine the best. The dessert was pretty good too but *way* too sweet.

They served plenty of olives, cheese, and bread there to combat the sweetness:

01 (12)

01 (8)

There was a view deck nearby so after getting our fill of alcohol we headed over to take some photos

01 (14)

01 (13)

We could see our cruise ship from there 😀 Hello Princess!

01 (15)

Our next stop was the town of Oia. When people say “Santorini” this is the place they probably have in mind – the one that appears in postcards and travel photos, the one that has the three famous blue domes. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find the exact spot that would give you the best angle of the three domes, but you can sort of see them in this shot:

01 (25)

And here:

01 (26)

(They’re kinda small in the background though)

01 (27)

When our guide gave us free time to walk around we came to a fork in the road and we decided to go right, but from the looks of these photos we should have gone left, where the domes were. <<sigh>> But we did see other blue-domed buildings there:

01 (17)

01 (18)

01 (20)

01 (24)

Another popular landmark from Santorini is the windmill, which we also saw:

01 (28)

(Again, it’s way off in the distance)

01 (29)

01 (30)

We found a staircase where you can go down to get a better view of the buildings. My parents decided to stay behind because it was over 200 steps and there was no shade whatsoever, but I decided to go through with it.

01 (32)

01 (33)

The view was great, but climbing back up was not something I would recommend, especially in that heat. I must have taken 4 or 5 breaks to catch my breath on my way back.

Although you could always rent a donkey to do the climbing for you:

01 (31)

Apparently many tourists choose this option, which explains why the path was covered in donkey poop.

The rest of our time in Oia was spent just walking around, looking for shade. The town was beautiful, no doubt about it, but for some reason I ended up liking Mykonos a lot more. During our first visit in Mykonos I could barely contain my excitement from being in such a charming place. I didn’t quite get the same feeling from Santorini. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe our time in Oia was too short and I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the place. And the heat didn’t help at all. Perhaps if I were to visit it again during the cooler parts of the year, it would be a different experience.

01 (16)

01 (19)

01 (21)

01 (22)

01 (23)

After Oia, our next stop was the town of Fira – the capital of the island of Santorini.

01 (34)

01 (35)

We didn’t really do much here. Our guide left us to explore the city ourselves but we decided to head back to the ship as soon as she released us because we had to take the cable car to get back down to the port. We actually still had about 2 hrs left before we had to be on board but our guide warned us that if we wait until the last minute the lines for the cable car get extremely long (since everyone wants to maximize their time here).

Before heading to the cable cards I decided to mail a few postcards first:

01 (36)

01 (37)

01 (38)

01 (39)

01 (40)

Back at the port we had to ride the tender once again to get back to the ship. Once on board, we immediately showered and took a nap since we were extremely drained from the heat. At around 8:30pm my mom and I decided to head out to the deck to watch the sun go down (the sun sets quite late in Europe during the summer I guess).

01 (41)

The following day was one I was looking forward to – it was time for us to re-visit Mykonos, yay! 😀 (Like I mentioned in a previous post, this trip consisted of two back-to-back cruises, so we visited some of the places twice)

02 (1)

This time we didn’t sign up for a tour because we wanted to explore the place ourselves

We took a couple photos by the beach first:

02 (2)

02 (3)]

My dad looking like a complete tourist with two cameras XD

Although I enjoy learning facts about the places we visit during group tours, I really like the freedom we have when we explore a place ourselves. We mostly just walked around and took lots of photos. The entire town was picture perfect ❤

02 (7)

02 (6)

02 (9)

02 (10)

02 (11)

02 (12)

02 (14)

02 (15)

02 (16)

02 (18)

02 (25)

02 (8)

The Backstreet Boys fangirl in me had to take a photo in front of this shop :p

02 (4)

I also mailed more postcards from here

02 (24)

02 (5)

My dad caught me vlogging :p I didn’t really take that much footage in Mykonos because I just wanted to enjoy being there and not worry about talking to the camera so much.

02 (17)

We hung out for a while in front of this gelato shop because they offered free wifi, then we headed over to see the windmills

02 (19)

Oops, not those….

02 (22)

That’s more like it

02 (21)

Hello again Little Venice 🙂

That evening was another formal night on the ship, and they had the champagne waterfall once again:

02 (34)

Generoso (the Maitre D’) starting the ceremonies off 😀

02 (28)

We didn’t participate this time but we did take advantage of the free drinks

02 (26)

02 (32)

We stayed in the Atrium for a while for the captain’s speech

02 (27)

Hello captain!

They also introduced some of the crew that evening:

02 (30)

02 (29)

I forgot who he was but thank you for looking at my camera 😀

02 (31)

You too, kind sir 😀

After dinner we caught a ventriloquist show at the Princess Theater

02 (33)

He was pretty good 🙂

The following day our cruise took us back to Corfu. We decided to stay on the ship for most of the day since we were here just a few days ago and we didn’t really find anything that we wanted to visit again.


My parents joined a trivia/raffle game about sharks at the Piazza, and a shark tried to eat my dad’s head afterwards:


I got bitten too:


Later that afternoon we decided to go down to the cruise terminal so we could use their free wifi (and buy toothpaste – because toothpaste on the ship is expensive).




The rest of our evening was spent back on the ship, pigging out at the Horizon Court then trying to burn off the calories at their walking deck :p

The vlogs from these three days can be found below. I combined the footage from Mykonos and Corfu into one video since I didn’t vlog that much on those days:

**All my blog entries related to this trip can be found here : Europe 2016


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