INSTABITS : May 2017

It’s almost the end of June so I should probably finish this entry that’s been sitting in my drafts. May was a pretty eventful month, but this entry’s not too long since I’ve mostly been posting on IG stories these days. You can still see what I posted there since I compiled them all into a video (which you can find at the end of this entry).

I ended my last INSTABITS with photos from our office workshop in Camp Benjamin, which took place on the last day of April. Here are two more photos from that event:

Before leaving the resort, we took advantage of our free time to explore the farm. We had to cross this pretty bridge to get there. This was also where my week 14 self portait was taken.

On our way back to LB we dropped by Nuvali to have lunch at Wing Stop.

Amie and I went to UPD to request and pick up some documents on May 10. The last time I was in UPD was about a year ago, so I felt a little nostalgic. We passed by NIGS, which was where we spent a huge part of our MS life.

After finishing all our errands we went to UP Town Center to grab a late lunch at Ramen Nagi. It was my first time in UP Town, so I was pretty excited.

After a long day of walking around UPD, Amie and I rewarded ourselves with some ice cream.

We met Jason in UP Town and we decided to do a bit of shopping before we head back home

I ended up buying a new pair of running shoes. I still love my bright pink ones, but these were on sale and they were too comfortable to pass up :p

My parents celebrated their anniversary this month. I posted this cute photo of them pretending to be captains 😀

As part of their celebration, we went to Estrella de Mendoza in Laiya for a quick beach resort getaway

Since I’m so behind on my 52-week project, I grabbed this opportunity to shoot several self portraits at the resort. I packed about 5 outfits for our 2 days there :p I wore this one for week 16/52.

I convinced my mom to sign up for VirtualRacePH’s Tindog Surigao event. It started that weekend so we went for an early morning walk along the beach to put a dent in our target distance.

This was another outfit I packed for my 52-week project. I wore it for my Week 18/52.

I love this photo my mom took of me 🙂

A quick family selfie at the beach. Goodbye Laiya. We had a great time 🙂

Back in LB, some colleagues and I ran into Sir Romar and he invited us to drop by Kidsplay International, a new daycare center he opened with his wife.

The decorations were too adorable!

On the last day of classes, Sir Taps, Dustin and I had a celebratory dinner at Chubby Habbi.

On May 19 I found myself back in UPD for a seminar on International Best Practices in Publishing by Elsevier. I learned a lot of things that will hopefully help me out in the future when I write my papers.

They had a few games during the seminar and I ended up winning a Starbucks gift card worth P500 😄

The following week I was back in UPD once again to pick up the documents I requested earlier that month. Afterwards I went to Eastwood to relax and to meet Raf for dinner.

My parents and I went to Greenhills for some (super) early Christmas shopping. We decided to have lunch at Kyochon because my dad and I haven’t tried it before.

I grabbed this photo from Ma’am Chrys’s FB. It was taken during one of our lunches at Seoul Kitchen. Lately, Sir Marvs has been obsessed with their sundubu-jjigae, and he’d eat it everyday if he could. I must have eaten at Seoul Kitchen at least 10 times with him this past month.

To end the month (and the semester), my mom and I decided to pamper ourselves by getting facials at Ocean of Youth Aesthetics with Doc Beth. I’ve been wanting to take her here since last year but she’s always too busy. Fortunately she had some free time last week. My dad decided to come along, too making it a family event 😀

That wraps up my IG dump for May. This month has been really busy so I haven’t been able to blog or catch up on my 52-week project. Due to the high demand from students, our department was forced to open some subjects that weren’t part of our initial midyear course offering. As a result, my plans to relax during this midyear was put on hold since I was assigned to handle two lab classes. It’s been going well so far, and there’s only about three weeks left before the end of classes, so I’ll be able to relax soon enough 🙂

If you want a more detailed account of my May, you can watch my IG stories compilation below:



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