Birthday Cruise : Keelung, Taiwan

For my birthday last year my parents decided to go on a short cruise around Japan/Taiwan, and as a special treat they told me I could invite a friend to come with us! As soon as they told me, I contacted Brinky who immediately jumped on board. Princess Cruises had a “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” promo during this period, so it was perfect. My parents booked their trips at a regular rate and Brinks and I were the “Get 2 Free“. (Of course there were still taxes and plane tickets to be paid, but the cruise fares were waived :D)

The cruise begins in Keelung, Taiwan so we took an early flight to get there.

t01 (3)

Kupos in pink

t01 (4)

Hello Taiwan!

t01 (6)

t01 (8)

We booked a shuttle to pick us up from the airport and take us to the port

t01 (13)

t01 (12)

During our last cruise my parents were finally upgraded to Platinum status, so we were able to skip the long check in lines this time around, yay!

The ship we would be sailing on is the Golden Princess, which is actually the same ship we were on during our Alaskan cruise (you can find my blog entries about that by clicking HERE). That was my very first cruise, so this ship holds a special place in my heart. Being back on board made us feel really happy, and we even met a few crew members who were there with us during our Alaskan cruise – and some of them actually remembered us! Pretty amazing considering that was two years ago and they usually have about 2000 passengers on board for each voyage.

t01 (14)

Ceiling shot while waiting for the elevators

t01 (15)

The crew was setting up for the champagne waterfall to be held that evening

t01 (17)


t01 (18)

Since this was a part of a promo, Brinks and I didn’t get our own room so we had to bunk it with my parents. It was a little crowded but we spent most of our time outside anyway that it didn’t matter.

t01 (19)

Cruise card collection (minus one gold card from the Royal Princess that got deactivated). One more card and I would be a platinum member, just like my parents (which means free internet access for me, yay!)

After getting settled in, we headed off to have lunch at the Horizon Court. My parents went back to the room to nap after that (since we had an early flight) but Brinks and I decided to explore the ship a bit and take a few photos

t01 (27)

(One thing I want to mention is that the Golden Princess now has an entire section devoted to desserts as well, yay!)

t01 (20)

Hello Keelung

t01 (21)

t01 (22)

t01 (23)

It started to rain a bit after this so Brinky and I went back to our room to nap. We woke up about an hour later for the safety drill:

t01 (29)

t01 (28)

Afterwards we headed over to the deck for the Sail-Away Party, where we of course took more photos:

t01 (31)

t01 (32)

t01 (36)

t01 (37)

t01 (40)

t01 (41)

t01 (42)

t01 (43)

t01 (45)

t01 (50)

That evening was the captain’s introduction and champagne waterfall at the Atrium, so we decided to drop by before going to dinner:

t01 (51)

t01 (55)

t01 (56)

Brinky lining up for the champagne waterfall

I tried to take a photo of her but it was really crowded so this was the best I got:

t01 (54)

My dad was able to take one from a better angle, unfortunately Brinks was looking at the official photographer at the time

t01 (57)

After this we headed over to our dining room to have dinner. We were happy to discover that we had a Filipino waiter, who was extremely kind and attentive. He took this photo of the four of us:

t01 (58)

We headed back to our room after dinner to catch up on sleep, and to prepare for our first shore excursion the following day : Okinawa.

The vlog for this day can be found below. Please forgive us if all we do is talk about food in the vlog, but the unlimited food is one of the many things we love about cruising 😀



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