Week 9/52 : You are confined only by the walls you build yourself

This was another portrait Dustin took of me during our trip to Malaysia. We signed up for a short tour around Kuala Lumpur and one of our stops was the National Monument. We found this interesting wall there and decided to take a few photos. I’m so glad Dustin convinced me to bring my camera and 50mm lens on this trip. Originally I planned on just using my phone to take photos because I didn’t want to lug around a heavy camera, but he offered to carry it for me if I bring it ūüėÄ

The quote I chose for this photo was by Andrew Murphy. I like it because in a way it describes my entire Malaysia experience. Believe it or not, this is my first trip out of the country without my parents. Hard to believe that at my age I’ve never traveled without them (at least outside the Philippines), but it’s true. So despite all my travel experience, I was still a little nervous about this trip. It was definitely a learning experience and I discovered that I shouldn’t worry so much because I can be a pretty reliable person when the situation calls for it :p My parents have trained me well. Thanks Ma and Da!

Week 8/52 : Georgetown

Last week some colleagues and I went to Malaysia to attend a conference. The event was held in Penang so we grabbed the chance to do a bit of sightseeing while we were there. We decided to rent bikes and explore Georgetown (of course I chose a pink bike). It was extremely hot and we all were pretty sunburned by the end of the day, but it was worth it. We took loads of photos of course, this being one of them.

Thanks Dustin for the shot!

Vlog : Diamond Princess (Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand cruise)

Last February my family and I went on a short cruise. Ezra was in the Philippines for a visit and it’s been a while since we went on vacation together. Fortunately my parents found a cruise that would coincide with her stay.

Here are some clips from our trip. Of course I would make full-length vlogs of each day, but that won’t be up until next year probably T__T

(The music I used is AmaLee’s cover of Historymaker from the Yuri On Ice OST – which Ezra made me watch during this trip¬†:D)

INSTABITS : February 2017

The month of hearts ‚̧ It was indeed full of love because Ezra and Kurt¬†visited us and finally had their Philippine wedding this month ūüėÄ

Ezra arrived first on February 1 and immediately¬†showered me with kisses. She went with me to the office so she wouldn’t¬†succumb to jetlag and end up sleeping the whole day.

She brought all these games for me, yaaaay~ I’ve already finished Until Dawn (which she had to force me to play because I was too scared), Life is Strange and Project Diva X. I’m thinking of starting Akiba’s Trip sometime soon.

Ezra’s first request when she arrived was for me to take her to Seoul Kitchen¬†because she missed their cheese rappoki so much

It’s been over a year since we went on a family vacation with Ezra so my parents booked a short Asian cruise while she was here (watch the vlog HERE).¬†We arrived in Singapore a day earlier (where we would be boarding the ship) so we could explore the Gardens by the Bay ūüôā

There were so many colorful plants there!

We had tickets to enter one of the two domes in the park. We had a hard time deciding which one to go to but in the end we chose the cloud forest which was breathtaking.

In Malaysia we saw that McDonalds had lychee ice cream, so of course we had to try it.  Two thumbs up!

Family portrait during formal night of our cruise. The Filipino staff on the ship kept coming up to talk to us because¬†seeing my dad’s barong made them homesick.

Garcia sisters in black and white. (Del Rosario na nga pala si Ez …) The dress that Ezra’s wearing is actually the same one she wore when she got married last year. She was happy to have a chance to finally wear it again.

One of our ports was Penang. We joined a tour which took us to the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Our guide also took us to Lim Wah Thai to go souvenir shopping. Here I am chillaxing with the Lim Wah Thai bears

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INSTABITS : January 2017

(I know this is extremely late since it’s almost the¬†2nd week of March, but my February was pretty packed so I didn’t have time to finish this entry.)

My first post for 2017 was¬†this family photo we took in Bangkok’s Art in Paradise museum. We had a lot of fun taking photos during our visit there, which I’ll probably share on my blog sometime in the (not-so-near) future.

My mom took this shot of me at the new Central World overpass in Bangkok

Even though I still had some sidequests to complete, I decided to finish Final Fantasy 15 just before¬†we had to go back to work. The ending was … ok I guess.

I got to try my first CBTL drink this year. I forgot what I ordered but I remember liking it.

One exciting thing that happened to me in January was the Color Manila Run. Dustin convinced me to sign up for the 10k and I’m proud to say I survived.

Of course we took loads of photos during the event

So kulayful!

I ordered three new liquid lipsticks from Colourpop and they arrived last January. This one’s Bumble. I like the color but I’m not a fan of the matte formula – it’s too drying on my lips.

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Birthday shoot at Forestry

I just realized that I never shared the rest of the photos from my birthday shoot here on my blog. I used one of them for my 29th self portrait last year, but I never made a separate entry to show you guys the rest of the photos.

These were taken by Dustin and Jason. My birthday was coming up and they decided to have a little shoot for me to celebrate (and also so I would have a nice photo of me to post on my special day XD).







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Week 7/52 : Phalaenopsis

This was another photo that my sister took of me during our cruise around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (blog entry to follow). This photo was taken the day before we boarded our cruise ship. We flew to Singapore a day earlier so we would have time to drop by the Gardens by the Bay. We decided to go inside the Cloud Forest where they had all sorts of beautiful plants and flowers. Ezra and I found this wall of Phalaenopsis orchids (AKA “moth orchids”) so I asked her to take a couple of photos of me for my 52-week project ūüôā